Shannon Caraveo

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Check my travel calendar!

I'll be visiting high schools and college fair events throughout the fall and spring. Use the "Nearby" feature in the filter settings on our travel calendar to see if I'll be in your area!

Travel Calendar

What do you consider your hometown(s)?

I grew up in several places — mostly, Glendale, Arizona — but as of August, 2010, I've officially lived in San Diego longer than anywhere else!

What did you study in college?

B.A. in communication from PLNU and an M.A. in higher education leadership from USD.

What's the best Hawaiian food in San Diego?

Fortunately, San Diego has amazing seafood AND a solid population of Hawaiians turned San Diegan, so we have some great options! Best poke is "It's Raw Poke Shop" in Ocean Beach (they are also winner of Best Laulau, which, consequently, is NOT raw). It's the closest to real Hawaii poke that I've found on the mainland. Best spam musubi is "The Islands Sushi Bar" in the Crowne Plaza on Hotel Circle. I know — it's a hotel — but trust me. Best loco moco? "Chris's Ono Grinds" in North Park. Best pipikaula award goes to... no one. I can't find it out here! Best overall Hawaiian food has to go to "Homestyle Hawaiian" (there are a few locations in SD!).

Other than meeting with my students, college counselors and family in Hawaii, eating is my #1 priority, so please never hesitate to send me to your favorite places, or ask me for San Diego recommendations when you're here!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who's choosing a college?

Visiting campus is important, but don't forget to check out the surrounding area too! The culture of a city and neighborhood are also really important. If you're going to be living somewhere for four years, you're going to need to know what's close, what's not, and where the nearest spam musubi can be found!