Loma Talks 2021: The Road Trip Series

Loma Talks 2021


This year, we took a virtual road trip to highlight alumni from all around the country who are doing amazing work in their communities.  Check out our list of recordings below to learn something new!

Stop #1: San Diego

Virtual Event: Feeling "Inside Out" with Tiffany Rodrigues (18)

Wednesday, July 21st at 12 P.M. (PST)

Join us as we connect with Tiffany Rodrigues, who received her M.A. in Clinical Counseling from PLNU in 2018. As we face the realities of a post-pandemic world, Tiffany will share tangible tips for going back to "normal."


Stop #2: Seattle

Virtual Event: Real Estate Today with Mary Herzog (05)

Wednesday, July 28th at 12 P.M. (PST)

Curious about the challenges and changes in the housing market over the past year and half? Wondering what it's like to jump into a career in realty? Join Mary Herzog (05) as she answers your questions on investing in property in 2021. 


Stop #3: Sacramento

Virtual Event: The Local and Global Face of Trafficking - Agape International Ministries with Matt Robertson (92)

Wednesday, August 4th at 12 P.M. (PST)

Join us as we hear from Matt Robertson (92), Alumni Board President and 2021 Hope Rising Award Recipient for the PLNU Center for Justice and Reconciliation, who currently serves as the Director for Relational Advancement for Agape International Ministries (AIM).  Matt will share about the work of AIM and give us an opportunity to learn more about the face of human trafficking, and how you can get involved both globally and in your own backyard.


Stop #4: Arizona

Virtual Event: Honoring Culture through Music & Film with Scott Stevens (11)

Wednesday, August 11th at 12 P.M. (PST)

Whether you are a professional musician or just a lover of movies and music, this Loma Talk is for you! Join film composer Scott Stevens (11) as we explore the ways that the diverse cultures and musical instruments of the world have shaped his approach to writing music. Hear more about how music plays a vital role in how we react emotionally to the films we see.


Stop #5: Bay Area

Virtual Event: Keeping the Arts Alive during a Pandemic with Jessica Bird Beza (09)

Wednesday, August 18th at 12 P.M. (PST)

While all industries have been impacted by the pandemic over the past year and a half, one industry seemed to be hit harder than most: performing arts. Jessica Bird Beza (09) is a theater director based in the Bay Area who has seen firsthand the impact of Covid-19 on her career and on the arts as a whole. Hear how artists, directors, actors, and others worked together to think outside the box to keep the arts alive during such a challenging season. 


Stop #6: Orange County

Virtual Event: Uniting to Protect our Oceans with Vipe Desai (91)

Wednesday, August 25th at 12 P.M. (PST)

This Loma Talk is for businesses, families, and individuals alike! We are all key players in conserving our oceans not only to save our wildlife, but also to keep our economy moving forward. Hear from Vipe Desai (91), entrepreneur and philanthropist, about how he fell in love with the ocean, and how we can work together to protect our oceans for future generations. Orange County Alumni, join Vipe and the PLNU community following our Loma Talk for a day at the Ocean Institute on August 28th.


Stop #7: Colorado

Virtual Event: The Secret Life of Zookeepers with Kelsey Eggers (14)

Wednesday, September 8th at 12 P.M. (PST)

Get a first-hand look at the life of a zookeeper with Kelsey Eggers (14), who cares for predators at the Denver Zoological Foundation. Hear about how zookeepers care for, train, and protect animals, and get the inside scoop on amazing creatures such as lions, rhinos, otters, and hyenas!