Alumni Auxiliaries

The PLNU Alumni Auxiliaries (interest groups) are each an arm of the Alumni Association. They provide opportunities for alumni with common interests, or working in a specific career area, to connect with each other, network, and share information. They also offer connections with students who have similar interests or would like to learn about your career field.

Each Alumni Auxiliary welcomes alums who want to volunteer and be involved. To volunteer, please visit the specific Alumni Auxiliary in which you’re interested on our website and connect with the person listed as the leader.  

Business Alumni

Here's what the PLNU Business Alumni is doing:

  • Developing an online community for PLNU Business Alumni through LinkedIn

  • Working to develop a diverse, compelling PLNU Business Alumni that helps you make the connections you need to succeed

  • Providing alumni mentors for student mentees through the Alumni Mentor Program

  • Hosting professional development events for meaningful networking and professional growth

  • Supporting our future business partners (current PLNU students) through the PLNU Business Alumni endowed scholarship fund

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Derek Legg

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Education Associates

As professionals within the education community, we understand the unique challenges teachers and administrators face as well as the immense joys and blessings that come from inspiring and equipping young minds.

Education Associates is a group of educators who strive to support one another in our professional, personal, and spiritual endeavors. We also work to encourage and provide career information to students in PLNU’s School of Education.

All alumni, students, and friends of the School of Education are welcome to become members of Education Associates.

The purpose of Education Associates is to:

Meet the needs of education alumni by:

  • Offering networking opportunities at our biannual Pro Gro events
  • Facilitating knowledge and service sharing through professional development events
  • Promoting relationship-building through our schools and workplaces
  • Promoting Christian values and ethics within the education community

Meet the needs of current students from the School of Education by:

  • Providing opportunities to network with alumni
  • Providing opportunities for internships and mentoring
  • Offering assistance with job searches after graduation
  • Providing scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students

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Joy Toro

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The purpose of MUSICALumni is to network with the graduates and students of PLNU and further the best interests of the university.

MUSICALumni seeks to:

  • Provide a continuing fellowship among alumni

  • Provide for giving financial assistance to the university

  • Provide an organized means of encouraging prospective students to enroll at PLNU

  • Provide a means of communication between alumni and the university

Additionally, we will:

  • Provide services and resources for the Department of Music

  • Provide continuing education and/or enrichment experiences for members of MUSICALumni

  • Provide financial assistance to students in preparation for professions in music

MUSICALumni exists as an auxiliary of the PLNU Alumni Association. Alumni (both music majors and participants in department ensembles), music faculty, and friends of the department are welcome to join.

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The MOSAIC Alumni Associates is comprised of multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, and international graduates, staff, faculty, and friends of PLNU.

The MOSAIC Alumni Associates recognizes and acts on the principles of love and outreach and endeavors to contribute to the lives of others. We seek to unify our members with the intent and purpose of contributing to the academic, professional, and spiritual development of students, graduates, staff, faculty, and friends of PLNU.

The purpose of MOSAIC is to:

  • Build unity through relationship development among members

  • Support and promote the value of diversity at PLNU by aiding in recruitment efforts of prospective students and engaging in community-based outreach

  • Encourage the well-being of students on all levels with mentorship

  • Support programming of the MOSAIC organization

  • Communicate news of recent accomplishments of alumni

  • Promote Christian values

  • Develop endowed scholarships for multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, and international students and provide scholarships for MOSAIC students

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Kelby Sarti

Nursing Alumni

The Nursing Alumni Auxiliary of PLNU (NAAPL) strives to support the endeavors of nursing students to become professional nurses.

Our goal is to ensure nursing graduates are compassionate, ethical, and motivated professionals through provisions to increase their learning experiences and faculty support. We promote the values and nursing practices that are commensurate with Christian philosophy and principles.

Our purpose is to:

  • Disseminate information to alumni, students, faculty, and friends of the School of Nursing and promote fellowship among them

  • Inform alumni, faculty, and friends of the current events and news occurring in the School of Nursing

  • Provide financial assistance to nursing students through scholarships

  • Provide networking opportunities to the alumni and students of the School of Nursing

Nursing Alumni is made up of all nursing graduates of PLNU’s School of Nursing.

If you are a student, Nursing Alumni members are living proof that nursing education can make a huge contribution to your future. Many of our alumni are ready and willing to act as mentors to you. Nursing Alumni members can tell you what it is like to be a professional nurse today and answer any questions about various nursing specialties.

If you are a faculty member, many of our PLNU graduates are more than willing to act as guest speakers in your class. We have more than 1,200 graduates all over the world in every specialty in nursing.

If you are a graduate of the PLNU School of Nursing, we need your voice and your contributions of service on our board to guarantee a well-rounded voice in today's issues and how they apply to our organization. Each of us is needed to make a difference in Christian nursing service.

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Debbie Holly

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Research Associates

Research Associates is an auxiliary of the PLNU Alumni Association. Our members are alumni and friends of the biology and chemistry departments at PLNU.

The purpose of Research Associates is to contribute to the professional development and success of the students and faculty of our biology and chemistry departments, particularly through supporting undergraduate research.

This goal is realized by:

  • Giving financial support for undergraduate research

  • Providing academic year scholarships

  • Encouraging and supporting on-campus seminars by established alumni to build ties between students and graduates, networking that provides students with examples of successful alumni and acquaints them with alumni in various professions

  • Supporting the pre-health programs with funds for guest speakers and travel for the pre-health advisor to attend conferences and visit medical, dental, and other graduate schools

Click here to view a Brief History of Research Associates.

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Rene’ Bravo

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Rugby Associates

Rugby Associates exists to promote and support the PLNU Rugby Club. Whether you put on boots and bled for the green and gold, or cheered for your favorite player, we invite you to join and contribute to Rugby Associates.

To achieve its mission, the Rugby Associates pledge to:

  • Raise funds for coaching and equipment needs of the PLNU Rugby Club

  • Support national and regional travel and playing opportunities

  • Connect with students through annual activities

  • Provide mentoring opportunities and professional connections

  • Pray and facilitate student growth into Men of God

  • Provide need-based scholarships for player dues

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Karl Sator

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Women's Auxiliary and Friends

Since our founding in 1967, PLNU Women’s Auxiliary and Friends has raised funds for projects that benefit students of the university and improve the quality of life on the main campus.

If you are interested in giving to the Women's Auxiliary & Friends fund please click below.


Join the Women's Auxiliary and Friends!

Women's Auxiliary runs on volunteers made up of PLNU parents, alumni, faculty, and staff. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please fill out the form below and let us know how you'd like to help continue to make an impact on the lives of students.

Get Involved

See photos of Women’s Auxiliary and Friend’s past projects.

Sweet Treats Program

Our Sweet Treats Program is a great way to send baked goods to your student throughout the school year. Volunteer bakers make the treat of your choice and they are delivered on Mondays to Mail Services for students to pick up and enjoy! Order your student a sweet treat below.
*Must be purchased two weeks in advance of delivery date.

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Jennie Vance

Andie Sherman holds a children's book that talks about human anatomy.

Student Profile

Andie Sherman

Pediatric doctors and nurses treat children when they are in the hospital, but as a Child Life Specialist, Andie Sherman helps patients and families in the hematology and oncology unit at Rady Children’s Hospital cope with the physical and emotional challenges that come with a medical diagnosis.

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