Requesting Accommodations

To register for accommodations, PLNU students must do the following:

  • Self-disclose as a student with an official disability.
  • Submit official documentation that is no more than three years old from a clinically diagnosing physician/medical professional verifying the nature and extent of the disability prior to receiving any accommodations.
    • The documentation must be based on an evaluation by a healthcare or mental health professional appropriately licensed by the state to diagnose medical, psychological, and learning disorders. Such persons are usually physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and school psychologists. Documentation from third parties or from persons not licensed to diagnose such conditions will not be accepted.
  • OR submit a Provider Documentation form completed by your current licensed professional.

Documentation and Transfer Students

Any PLNU student who has transferred and received services from a California Community College, California State, or University of California campus as a student with a disability may qualify for services from the DRC. The DRC reviews the documentation from the referring agency and coordinates accommodations based on recommended accommodations from the qualifying professional. The documentation must be within the last three years.

Disclosure of a Disability

Under U.S. laws, students are not required to report a disability, but they must disclose and document their disabilities to receive disability-related accommodations. PLNU students seeking accommodations on the basis of a disability must self-identify and request accommodations from the DRC. Failure to give notice or provide detailed information may result in the accommodations being delayed or the request being denied. Students who request accommodations and/or services from other faculty and staff are to be referred to the DRC. Once the student has disclosed information regarding the disability and desires disability-related accommodations, the school has the responsibility to make reasonable accommodations.