President's Advisory Board


The President's Advisory Board is made up of individuals invited by the president to bring a breadth of external perspectives and expertise from their unique leadership roles for the benefit of PLNU.

Purpose of the Board

The President's Advisory Board exists to provide expertise, advice, and counsel for the university president on issues of shaping the future of PLNU.

Vision of the Board

The President's Advisory Board will support the president of PLNU as a service to the university and the cause of Christian higher education. The members of the board affirm the mission and vision of PLNU and seek to enhance the university's prominence and voice through its graduates, programs, and charitable interests.

President's Advisory Board Members

Dr. John Calhoun
Director, PLNU Center for Pastoral Leadership
San Diego, CA

Jack Dell
Real Estate Development
Los Angeles, CA

Carolyn Downey, Ph.D.
President, Educational Consultant Firm
La Jolla, CA

Greg Jamison
Owner, Sports Complex and Team
San Jose, CA

Doug Martinez
San Clemente, CA

Monty Ortman
Principal, Real Estate Development
Phoenix, AZ

Jeff Pinneo
President/CEO, Airline
Seattle, WA

Roger Spoelman
President/CEO, Health Partner
Muskegon, MI

Craig Van Hulzen
President/CEO, Asset Management
Rancho Murieta, CA