Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is a student government structure that consists of the ASB Board of Directors, Student Senate, and Board of Review.

The purpose of the ASB as outlined in its constitution is:

  • To provide for meaningful student-sponsored educational, social, cultural, religious, and service opportunities for member students while fostering constructive communications and interaction between members of administration and faculty 
  • To coordinate the activities of student organizations and foster good relations between ASB members and the community within Point Loma 
  • To provide opportunities in which members may develop leadership qualities

Board of Directors

Jake Gilbertson, Director of Community Life (PLNU Staff Advisor)
(619) 849-2253

Daria Szepkouski, President

Trent Sarver, Vice President

Forrest Case, Director of Activities & Design

Scott Coiner, Director of Spiritual Life

Brock Lusky, Director of Finance

Inigo Nazareno, Director of Student Relations

Alexa Wise, Director of School Spirit

M'Lynn Martin, Executive Secretary