Coronavirus Information for the PLNU Community

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Loma Care

Point Loma Nazarene University offers free medical and counseling telehealth visits for all undergraduate Main Campus students with LOMA CARE. 

LOMA CARE provides access to 24/7, virtual medical and counseling telehealth care for all students, at no cost!   You can access 24/7, on-demand Medical or TalkNow (talk to a mental health provider about anything, at any time) and Scheduled Counseling, where students can set up a single appointment or 12 recurring appointments.

Whether you're feeling sick or overwhelmed, you will be able to talk to a licensed provider for free from your smartphone or any web-enabled device. LOMA CARE medical providers can diagnose common conditions (cold, flu, sinus infection), TalkNow and Scheduled Counseling provides a safe space to talk about anything at any time (e.g., anxiety surrounding COVID-19, relationships, depression, etc.). 

To get started, visit From there, students can register with their school email address and login to begin using the free confidential virtual services from their smartphone or web-enabled device.

In addition to LOMA CARE, the PLNU Wellness Center is available to provide Telehealth Counseling Services for undergraduate Main Campus students who are currently located in the State of California. PLNU Telehealth Counseling. Students residing in California may contact the Wellness Center at: to request telehealth counseling. 

Contact the PLNU Wellness Center for confidential assistance and resources related to any matter of personal concern. Some students have shared that they are struggling with life at home, anxiety related to COVID-19, concerns about the future and other personal matters. Wellness Center counselors are prepared to provide confidential assistance and referrals.

The Wellness Center can also provide more information on the telehealth resources listed above. Call 619-849-2574 during normal business hours or email