Physics and Engineering Science Honors Weekend

A male and female student walk to class during a sunny summer day

Science Honors Weekend is an annual event for incoming biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, information systems, mathematics, and physics students. Invitations to the event are based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. PLNU is known for its high-quality science and mathematics programs, and has designed this weekend to encourage students to pursue their scientific and mathematical interests, help them make informed decisions about their futures, and provide an opportunity for them to compete for a limited number of science honors scholarships.

The weekend is packed with activity and will give a great overview of PLNU and its science and mathematics programs. Students come away with an increased knowledge of college life, a sense of the PLNU community, new friendships, and quite possibly a substantial scholarship — all of this and some terrific photos of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Hear what past Science Honors Weekend attendees had to say:

"The reason this weekend was so special and amazing was the time I got to spend with the other science honors students. It's crazy that in just 40 hours I formed super strong bonds (pun intended) with people I had just met. PLNU did a fantastic job at centering the weekend around allowing us, the students, to interact with and get to know each other. I would highly encourage anyone who is extended the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible experience."

Paul Green, 2015 attendee

"Science Honors Weekend was a huge part of my decision to attend Point Loma. Every professor we met was fantastic, the other students were great, and I found out that PLNU has an even better science program than I thought. The highlight of the weekend was hearing about undergraduate research. I can't wait to get involved with it myself."

Daniel Harper, 2014 attendee

"Science Honors Weekend was an exceptional experience. I had the opportunity to meet the professors who are now teaching my courses, and bond with other students who are now my peers. The other schools I applied to did not offer any event like it. Staying for the weekend allowed me to see what the dynamics were on campus and in my major. That weekend is like a right of passage that many of us look back to with nostalgia."

Bailey Holmes, 2013 attendee

Science Honors Weekend is for:

  • Students in the fall of their senior year of high school
  • Those with GPAs of at least 3.8 (weighted average)
  • Those with ACT composite scores of at least 28 or SAT scores for reading and math of at least 1300

Please note we gather student names for Science Honors Weekend invitations from the PLNU database in early November, so to be on the list you need to have begun your PLNU application and declared a major in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, information systems, mathematics or physics.

If you are a high school senior and interested in studying computer science, engineering, mathematics, or physics, and would like to participate in next year's Science Honors Weekend, please complete a Notice of Intent.