Nutrition, B.A.

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Are you interested in developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Do you want to help others do the same? Consider pursuing a degree in nutrition and food!

A Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food focuses on fundamental principles of food use, individuals' nutritional requirements, and the chemical and biological processes behind what we eat. The diversity of our program will help you develop and master critical skills in analysis, comprehension, and application as you examine food sources, food evaluation, food selection, and the relationship of food to nutrition and health.

Nutrition and food majors are required to add further depth and specialization to their degree by choosing a concentration in either food service management or nutrition and health. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to manage a restaurant, oversee food service operations, comply with health codes, and interact with customers, the food service management concentration can be a valuable addition to your studies. If you want to study the social impacts of the food we eat, including how it affects our economy, psychology, and culture, a concentration in nutrition and health is a useful degree complement.

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Matt Arnold wants to work in many areas of the food service industry from being a cook to management in restaurants with different atmospheres and cuisines before reaching his goal of opening his own restaurant.

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Each major program within the Department of Kinesiology strategically combines theory with practical application centered around professional preparedness. Your studies will introduce you to the concept of vocation and living out your calling through the integration and development of your passions and talents to meet the needs of others. You will also work on developing an innovative professional portfolio and personal code of ethics, and articulating what you believe and how you want to serve. This combination of professional development and practical, experiential learning will equip you to confidently step into the changing world of tomorrow.

The Department of Kinesiology also has opportunities to engage your passions outside the classroom. You can choose to participate in Phi Upsilon Omicron and enhance your leadership skills through service events. Or you can sign up as a "buddy" for the Special Olympics and cheer on athletes in their quest for a medal.


  • Counseling
  • Food
  • Sports and Fitness

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For information about the courses required for the Nutrition, B.A. program, view the PLNU Catalog. 

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Student Support

For most students, the transition into college life is one full of adjustments. There is the excitement of newfound freedoms, but also some uncertainty as you begin to make choices and take responsibility for your own future. 

At PLNU, we’re committed to supporting you — academically, professionally, spiritually, personally — so that you may be successful both in your time as a student and beyond. That’s why we offer a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences, particular needs, and personal and professional goals — resulting from our deep concern for you, our student.

With a focus on authentic relationships and personalized attention, our goal is to help transform you so you can follow your calling in your own career and life.

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Career Opportunities

With an increasing global awareness of how decisions around food directly affect health and well-being, there is a greater demand for professionals trained in nutrition and food science. Nutrition and food graduates from PLNU are sought out because of their deeply rooted passion for serving people and in-depth knowledge to promote healthy lifestyle choices. The Department of Kinesiology cultivates professionalism and a values-driven approach to work in a context that combines your intellect and faith — equipping you to become a purposeful and trustworthy leader in your workplace.

What can you do with a nutrition degree?

Some Point Loma Alumni hold such occupations as: nutritionists/dietetics, exercise trainers and group fitness instructors, chief executives, general and operations managers, personal service managers, and registered nurses, among others. Alumni have graduated and worked at companies, organizations, and associations including Kaiser Permanente, Ann Taylor Catering, Audatex North America, Stride, and more.

Some of the positions PLNU graduates currently hold:


2020 Median annual salary: $63,090

The job field of dieticians is a growing field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job field for dieticians is growing at a faster rate than average in the United States. The main goal of dietitians is to help individuals reach health-related goals and live healthy lifestyles. This can be achieved in many ways. Some avenues of a dietitian lead to working in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, gyms, and cafeterias. Dietitians are licensed to help treat clinical cases, leading to a larger population they can help.

Sports Nutritionist

2020 Median annual salary: $56,300

If working with athletes and the world of sports in general sounds interesting to you, then a degree in nutrition is a great place to start. Similar to a dietitian, a sports nutritionist works to help others reach their health and fitness goals. The difference lies in the individuals they work with and the environment they work in. A sports nutritionist will work with clients who are part of a team or looking to fuel for a sport, or will conduct research with athletes.

Food Safety Auditor

2020 Median annual salary: $53,400 for a technician
2020 Median annual salary: $76,340 for a specialist

A food safety auditor is responsible for ensuring that food is produced following regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An auditor works to understand all aspects of how the food is produced and handled in facilities including anything from a manufacturing plant to a local farm. This job uses skills learned at PLNU such as interpersonal communication skills, biology, chemistry, and food evaluation. The combination of all the classes taken here at Point Loma set students up for success in any of the avenues a food auditor could take. This job is expected to continue increasing in demand for the foreseeable future.

Veterinarian Dietitian

2020 Median annual salary: $93,830

Becoming a veterinarian dietitian combines the two worlds of health and nutrition to animal care. Being a veterinarian dietitian means specializing in care for animals’ diets and consulting on different issues regarding food and proper nutrition. From household pets such as dogs and cats to exotic animals such as gorillas, elephants, giraffes, a dietician can assist in preventing and managing disease and all-around wellbeing in animals. Veterinarian dietitians also play a crucial role in developing complete food options through research and partnering with companies in their search for the best nutritious option for the animals. Whether it’s researching or direct animal nutrition, veterinarian dieticians find fulfillment through the different challenges they encounter and solve on a day-to-day basis using the skills and knowledge they developed at PLNU. 

Making a difference with your nutrition degree: 

Seeking a nutrition degree from PLNU will open doors and opportunities that the average student at state or larger universities are unable to have. Working closely with professors who mentor you, applying chemistry in a cooking lab, and being challenged to create the most nutritious foods, the skills fostered at PLNU are unique and adaptable in many situations a student may encounter in the work field. 

Apply to PLNU today or get connected with one of our counselors for additional support and answers to any questions you may have.

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