Cabrillo Hall

Cabrillo Hall (International Center Headquarters/ Brotherhood Headquarters/ "Wachere Crest")

This building was completed in 1909 and had various functions. It served as office for the Theosophical Society and as a residence for Katherine Tingley after 1909. It was originally located on the west side of Pepper Tree lane. Cabrillo Hall is currently the home of the Communication Studies department.

Collection of Dr. Dwayne Little PLNU# HV8

Tingley Residence Interior

The interior of the International Center/Tingley residence was designed with an ornate coved ceiling and fireplaces upstairs and downstairs. The pressed-tin wall trim is still visible and can also be found in Mieras Hall.

Theosophical Society, Pasadena, California 91109 PLNU# 2 Photo 01.tif