Culbertson Hall

Culbertson Hall (Industrial Building)

This multi-purpose structure was originally located just southwest of the Academy Building. It served a variety of functions that included telephone and mail services; in 1908 it was used as a display center for the Woman's Exchange and Mart. The unusual truss design in the interior of the building emphasized the square and the circle, which were symbolic of heaven and earth.

The building was moved to its current location south of the Greek Theatre and has been remodeled into office space for the Department of Psychology. The original trusses can still be seen.


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Woman's Exchange

The Woman's Exchange and Mart was central to the life of the Theosophical Community. The women of Lomaland produced handcrafted items for sale to the public, made clothing for the members of the community, and provided costumes for theatrical productions. Although the Theosophists were (and still are) egalitarian in their views of gender relations (their leader was a woman), work at Lomaland tended to be divided along traditional gender lines. Women were trained in the domestic arts, men worked in agriculture and the building trades.

The elaborate stage productions at the Greek Amphitheatre in the 1920's included Shakespeare's "Midsummer Nights Dream" and "The Tempest."


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