PLNU offers a unique and forward-thinking approach to graduate biology education. You will be challenged to think from multiple perspectives, and you will gain the deep understanding of biological concepts needed to share your knowledge with students in ways that are meaningful and effective. 



Master of Arts in Biology
Have the flexibility of more electives, including additional biology coursework, research internships, and summer workshops or seminar series. Customize your degree to fit your needs and interests. Students looking to move up into higher levels of biology education are a great fit for an M.A. in biology.

Master of Science in Biology
Research in biology education will play a large role in your studies. This choice requires original research and a thesis on some aspect of teaching and learning in biology. Independent students and good writers are a great fit for an M.S. in biology.



Average Completion TimeJust over 2 years
Cost (per unit)$675
Program Format

Summer: 2 intensive 3-week classroom courses

Fall and Spring: online courses and monthly classroom meetings


Point Loma Campus



Designed for Working Professionals

PLNU’s master’s programs in biology are designed with busy professionals like you in mind - whether you are currently teaching or working in another profession and aspiring to teach. Earning your master’s degree can improve your pedagogical skills, your scientific knowledge, and your compassion.

  • During the school year, you will take online courses in areas of history/philosophy of science, science education theory, and research design with monthly face-to-face meetings held on campus each semester.
  • During the summer, intensive biology courses (biology infused with research-based pedagogy) are held on PLNU’s beautiful ocean-side campus.
  • Summer courses are also offered as professional development opportunities even if you are not enrolled in the graduate program but want to develop your academic and pedagogical content knowledge.

Graduate Units for BTSA Induction Work

PLNU has working relationships with a number of organizations, such as community colleges, museums, research institutes, and biotechnology companies, so internships can be arranged in a variety of settings. If you have a particular areas of interest, we will do our best to find an internship that fits your career goals.


Watch this 2-minute video about Carly, who found her talent and passion in teaching biology. PLNU offered one of the only master’s in biology programs geared toward educators – a degree that helped take her career to the next level. 



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