Blocker, Paula (Ed.D., University of La Verne)
Program Director, CLAD Certificate Program and Master of Arts in Teaching & Learning (MATL), Professor of Education
PaulaBlocker@pointloma.edu 619.563.2820

Campbell, Conni  (Ed.D., University of La Verne)
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Teacher Performance Assessment, Professor of Education
ConniCampbell@pointloma.edu 619.563.2842 (Mission Valley) or 619.849.2532 (Evans Hall)

Erickson, Deborah (Ed.D., University of the Pacific)
Dean, School of Education
derickso@pointloma.edu 619.849.2323 (Evans Hall) or 619.563.2864 (Mission Valley)

Gibbs, Shirlee (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University)
Program Director Special Education, Program Admission Chair Mission Valley, Professor of Education
ShirleeGibbs@pointloma.edu 619.563.2852

Johnson, Jim - (Ed.D., University of Southern California)
Professor of Education, Liberal Studies Program and Mission Valley
JimJohnson@pointloma.edu 619.849.2990 (Evans Hall) or 619.563.2838 (Mission Valley)

Leighty, Carol (Ed.D., University of Southern California)
Director Mission Valley, School of Education
CarolLeighty@pointloma.edu 619.563.2827

Liston, Andrea - (Ed.D., Argosy University)
Professor, Director of Assessment and Accreditation
AndreaListon@pointloma.edu  619.563.2836

Martinez, Enedina - (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University)
Professor of Education, Mission Valley
EnedinaMartinez@pointloma.edu  619.563.2491

McNally, Kathy
Program Admission Chair, Multiple Subject, Professor of Education
KathyMcNally@pointloma.edu 619.563.2825

Posey, Ray - (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University)
Program Admission Chair, Single Subject, Professor of Education
RayPosey@pointloma.edu 619.563.2832

Taylor, Dione - (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University)
Program Director of School Counseling Program, Program Admission Chair, Mission Valley, Professor of Education
DioneTaylor@pointloma.edu 619.563.2817


Bolton, Amanda 
Graduate Enrollment Counselor
AmandaBolton@pointloma.edu 619.563.2810

Brownlee, Cynthia 
Field Experience Coordinator
CynthiaBrownlee@pointloma.edu 619.563.2830

Jones, Mischa
Assessment System Coordinator
mischajones@pointloma.edu  619.563.2871

Morales, Nicole
Coordinator of Outreach and Fieldwork Supervision
nicolemorales@pointloma.edu 619.563.2811

Pearson-Wohlwend, Christie 
Credential Analyst (Mission Valley, Inland Empire, Main Campus)
cpearson@pointloma.edu 619.563.2851

Runyan, John 
Budget & Data Analyst
JohnRunyan@pointloma.edu  619.563.2823

Wilcox, Melissa 
Department Assistant
MelissaWilcox@pointloma.edu 619.563.2818