Should I bring a computer and printer to PLNU?

We recommend that students have a computer available for their personal use.  A laptop may be preferable due to limited space in the shared residence hall rooms and the availability of our campus-wide wireless network. We recommend that the computer be two years old or newer and have a recent version of Microsoft Office installed.

Note: Business majors are required (business minors recommended) to have a Windows laptop or tablet PC by the beginning of their sophomore year. While other students are not required to bring a Windows computer, we recommend it since this is the campus standard. However, art and design majors are encouraged to bring a Mac, rather than PC. Music majors may bring either a Mac or a PC.

Does the university have computers available for me to use?

PLNU provides state-of-the-art computer labs for student use in the Ryan Learning Center. In these labs and in a number of departmental computer labs, you will find a robust network with more than 300 computers. These computers provide resources for education, research, and communication. The labs have a variety of software applications and are equipped with laser printer.  

What do I need to connect to Campus resources?

Connecting to university network requires a wireless network card in your computer and logging in with your standard username and password. Connecting to cable TV requires you to provide a coax cable.

Student Success and Wellness-WELLNESS CENTER


The Student Success and Wellness -WELLNESS CENTER provides free health and counseling services to enrolled undergraduate students. Our team is excited to help you maintain high levels of good health and wellness as you pursue your academic goals. Knowing your health needs before you arrive on campus will help our teams to promote your overall wellness throughout your journey toward graduation. 

PLNU places a high priority on the health and safety of our students.  We require enrolled undergraduate students to submit health and immunization history, physical examination and immunization records to the WELLNESS CENTER using the Student Success and Wellness Health Services Portal prior to New Student Orientation. (  All forms are due on the portal by July 1st!  Please do not mail or fax paper copies of your health records or required forms to the WELLNESS CENTER. 


All of us should make sure we're properly vaccinated, but it is especially important for college students. They live close together in dorms or in campus apartments.  When you're in close environments, classrooms, working out at the campus recreation centers, living in dorms, you're more likely to come into contact with other people who are ill. Vaccines can help prevent illness and reduce the possibility of an outbreak of immunizable diseases across the campus. 

New students can have a tough time adjusting to their new independent lives at college.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, college freshmen, especially those who live in dormitories, are at an increased risk for contracting immunizable diseases such as meningitis, pertussis, measles and mumps.  While these diseases are contagious and can easily spread, vaccination and good hygiene habits are our greatest weapons to prevent and stop the spread of disease on our campus.  

The University requires vaccines for all students and urges students to get all their vaccinations on time to reduce the risk of getting sick, an event that could add unnecessary stress to their academic journey toward graduation. In case of a disease outbreak, students without documentation of vaccination may be temporarily excluded from campus for their protection as a result of lack of immunity.

The following list of immunizations are required at PLNU.  Login to the Student Success and Wellness Health Services Portal and follow steps to complete immunization history online and upload documents verifying that you have received:

Tetanus (Tdap must be within the last 10 years)

MMR-Measles, Mumps, Rubella (verification of 2 doses for students born after 1956)

Current Tuberculosis (TB) screening (within one year of beginning classes)

Meningitis (Menactra) within the past 5 years

Hepatitis B vaccine - series of 3 doses

Varicella vaccine - series of 2 doses (or titer if student had disease)


The PLNU Wellness Center provides limited primary care and brief counseling services for undergraduate students.  New students with medical/dental/mental health needs requiring frequent follow up appointments should select a primary care provider in addition to other health care providers a semester in advance of attending the University. Be advised that parking on campus is unavailable for freshmen students, and that the Freshmen Vehicle Policy will remain in effect.  It is strongly recommended that transportation be arranged in advance through services such as ZipCar or Car2Go for physical therapy, medical, counseling, chiropractic, dental and other frequent health related appointments. Contact the WELLNESS CENTER or the Disability Resource Center for more information ( or