Should I bring a computer and printer to PLNU?

We recommend that students have a computer available for their personal use.  A laptop is preferred due to its portability and size.  Also, PLNU has a wireless network the covers all academic and administrative buildings,  residence halls, and many outdoor areas.  This WiFi network allows students to use their laptops to study and work from whatever campus location is convenient.

In many cases it will be convenient to have a printer in the student’s room.  However, there are printers available to students during the operating hours of the campus computer labs.

What computer platform (e.g., operating system) should I choose?

We recommend Windows 7 or Windows XP w/Service Pack 3 or above, or Mac OSX. 

Note: Business majors are required to have access to Windows versions of certain software such as Excel and Word.  It is recommended that these students either purchase a PC or purchase software that allows for the use of PC versions of programs on the Mac platform such as VMware Fusion or Parallels (available from various online software resellers).  Art and Design majors are encouraged to bring a Mac, rather than a PC.

Additional information is available at www.pointloma.edu/ITS/PurchaseTechnology.


Does the university have computers available for me to use?

PLNU provides state-of-the-art computer labs for student use in the Ryan Learning Center. In these labs and in a number of departmental computer labs, you will find a robust network with more than 300 computers. These computers provide resources for education, research, and communication. The labs have a variety of software applications and are equipped with laser printers that can be used by both for lab computers and student laptop computers. 

What do I need to connect to Campus resources?

Connecting to Local Area Network (LAN) requires that you bring either an Ethernet (CAT5) cable or have a wireless network card in your computer. Connecting to Cable requires you to provide a coax cable.