Should I bring a computer and printer to PLNU?

We recommend that students have a computer available for their personal use.  A laptop may be preferable due to limited space in the shared residence hall rooms and the availability of our campus-wide wireless network. We recommend that the computer be two years old or newer and have a recent version of Microsoft Office installed.

Note: Business majors are required (business minors recommended) to have a Windows laptop or tablet PC by the beginning of their sophomore year. While other students are not required to bring a Windows computer, we recommend it since this is the campus standard. However, art and design majors are encouraged to bring a Mac, rather than PC. Music majors may bring either a Mac or a PC.

Does the university have computers available for me to use?

PLNU provides state-of-the-art computer labs for student use in the Ryan Learning Center. In these labs and in a number of departmental computer labs, you will find a robust network with more than 300 computers. These computers provide resources for education, research, and communication. The labs have a variety of software applications and are equipped with laser printer.

What do I need to connect to Campus resources?

Connecting to university network requires a wireless network card in your computer and logging in with your standard username and password. Connecting to cable TV requires you to provide a coax cable.