Part of the experience of college is living, studying, and breathing the same air as your classmates. You will likely make some of the best friends you will ever have, create a ton of memories, and learn a lot about people in the process!

Where do freshman live?

Freshmen who are residential students are housed primarily in three residence halls; Hendricks, Klassen and Nease Halls.

Can I get my housing assignment and contact my new roommate over the summer?

Most housing placement will be finalized on July 1. Some placements may be "in process" until the middle of August. When your housing placement is finalized you can log into your portal at and see your housing placement as well as your roommate's contact information. At that time you can coordinate who will bring what. All freshman and sophomore are guaranteed housing.

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Make sure your privacy settings are set to show your contact information or it won't allow your roommate to access it.

What should I bring for my room?

Please read the "What to Bring," list which includes our furniture policy, at

Can I put things in storage in the residence hall?

No, storage is not available.

Are there times during the year when I must leave the residence halls?

Yes, residence halls are closed during Christmas and spring breaks. During times when the residence halls are closed, the Nicholson Commons Dining Room is also closed. Students are unable to remain in residence halls during these times. Please plan ahead.

Can someone mail me a package?

Yes, the mailing address is:
Your Full Name (no nicknames)
Residential Hall Location
3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
If item is of value, please purchase tracking number.



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