Public Safety Information

Public Safety Information

Message from Public Safety

Our number one priority is your safety. Our department operates seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Contact us at (619) 849-2525.

Crime Prevention

The Point Loma area of San Diego has been historically lower in incidents of crime than other areas of the city, but it does not mean that Point Loma is immune from crime. Statistics regarding crime in the area around the main campus are available at Public Safety. These stats are updated each October.

Public Safety's website includes information about issues such as nighttime activities, the safety of areas surrounding the university, the cliffs near the ocean, reporting crime, jogging, protecting you from assault, etc. Be productive and report suspicious activity. You are encouraged to visit the Public Safety website for additional safety information.

Residence Hall Safety

As a new student at the university, you need to become familiar with your surroundings, especially the entrance and exits to your residence hall. Each residence hall conducts a fire safety drill at least once a semester.

University Emergency Preparedness

PLNU has established a thorough emergency plan and trained administrators, faculty and staff for emergency response. If there were ever an occurrence such as an earthquake or fire on the main campus or an emergency situation in the area, you and your family would have access to the latest information. PLNU's emergency news line, (619) 849-2626, gives current information as soon as it becomes available.

More information about the university's emergency preparedness is available at PLNU's Emergency webpage.