Health Insurance and Meal Plans

Health Insurance

All undergraduate students are automatically charged for health insurance unless the student completes the online insurance waiver process via their portal prior to classes starting on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. To waive health insurance, log into your student portal, click "Students," then under the "Financial Services" header click "Update Health Insurance." Follow the prompts to accept or decline PLNU's health insurance.

Meal Plans

The university requires all unmarried students under age 23 who live on campus to purchase one of the university’s meal plans. Each meal plan includes a combination of dining room meals and Dining Dollars (which can be used at on-campus eateries).  The Dining Room, Point Break Cafe, Bobby B's Coffee Co., Jamba Juice and Breakers Market are all located in Nicholson Commons.

The following meal plans are available during the 2014-15 academic year:          

On-Campus Meal Plans

(Includes meals and shared room. Meals are per semester.)                       


Unlimited Access + $50 Dining Dollars


*15 meals/week + $50 Dining Dollars  


*Note: Freshman students will be defaulted to the 15 meals/week plan and can ONLY choose to increase to the Unlimited Access Plan. 

Transfer Residential students

Unlimited Access + $50 Dining Dollars


*15 meals/week + $50 Dining Dollars


180 Meals/semester + $200 Dining Dollars  

(includes 10 guest meals/semester)


120 meals/semester + $200 Dining Dollars

(includes 10 guest meals/semester)


Add-On Block – 30 meals/semester    

$230 per add-on block


Commuter Meal Plans

(Optional and available only to off-campus students. Meals are per semester.)

Meal plan

Plan C1 - 15 melas + $50 Dining Dollars


Plan C2 - 25 meals + $50 Dining Dollars


Plan C3 - 35 meals + $50 Dining Dollars


Plan C4 - 45 meals + $50 Dining Dollars


Plan C5 - 55 meals + $50 Dining Dollars


"Go Green Plan - 30 meals + $100 Dining Dollars

(5% of your purchase goes to the PLNU "Green Fund" for sustainability project)


While your student meal plan may be used only for your meals, you can use Dining Dollars to purchase food for yourself and your guests. Dining Dollars do not carry over from one semester to another, and are non-refundable.

Sea Lion Dollars can be purchased in any increment and may be used at any on-campus eatery. They do not expire from one semester to another.

IMPORTANT: New residential students will automatically receive 15 meals/week plan. Students can choose to increase to the Unlimited plan via the student portal. Please note that changes to meal plans are not allowed after the second week of the semester. Commuter students may add additional meals at any time but will not receive a credit for unused meals.