Important "To Do's" & Summer Assignments

Important To- Do's 

  • Ways to register parents/guests for NSO by August 19:
    • register online here - In the process of being updated. Please check back the begining of April. 
    • call the NSO Assistant at (619) 849-2644 
    • download the NSO Guest/Parent Registration Form and fax it to (619) 849-7025 or mail it to PLNU/NSO 3900 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106
  • Make travel and hotel arrangements for guests and family members in San Diego during NSO
  • Download the NSO Guidebook App to stay up to date on the NSO schedule and important NSO information.
  • Register for transportation if desired: 

+ Zipcar membership at

+ MTS shuttle services requires contact with the Disability Resource Center

  • All new and readmitted students: go to the Student Success and Wellness Healthy Services Portal to COMPLETE health and immunization history and SUBMIT immunization records, TB verification and physical exam forms by July 1st.
  • Register LiveText account on your Portal

Important Summer Assignments

The Student Portal

Access Your Personal University Information 

The PLNU website is designed to serve as your personalized entry point, or “portal,” to get information and conduct business with the university. You will find valuable information, so check your portal frequently prior to attending orientation.


Be sure to check your student portal throughout the summer for:

  • The status of your financial aid package
  • Your billing statement (after July 1)
  • Housing and roommate information (after July 1)
  •  On-campus and off-campus jobs
  •  StrengthsQuest (get your personal code so you can take the assess. tool prior to orientation, after July 1)
  •  Your assigned move-in time for Friday, August 25, 2017 (after July 1)
  • Math Placement Test dates and instructions


Math Placement Test 

All new students are required to take a one-hour online mathematics test, prior to attending fall 2017 classes. [The only exception: Students who have passed the AP Calculus AB exam or BC exam with a score of 3, 4, or 5 and have sent the score to PLNU before August 1, 2017]


The PLNU Math Placement Test is offered online (August 2017). The week of July 18, you will receive an email with instructions for registering for the online test. You must complete the registration by July 28 midnight, in order to take the test online.

On Monday, August 8, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the test. In order to take the test you must use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser, and you must also have JavaScript and pop-ups enabled during the time you are taking the test.

If a new student does not take the Math Placement Test in early August, he or she will take it Monday morning, August 28, prior to classes starting on Tuesday, August 29. A change in class schedule (and therefore textbooks) may occur based on a student’s score on the test.

It is strongly advised that students take this test in August. 

*Students with accommodations, due to a documented disability, are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center at to set up an appointment prior to Monday, August 28.

Strengths on Point OSV

Welcome to PLNU, a Strengths based university! You are joining a community of students, professors and staff who are committed to focusing on what’s right—your strengths! Your strengths make you uniquely talented, and they apply to relationships and academics, so you can succeed here.

How do I take it?

After July 1 but prior to your arrival to PLNU, you (not your parents) will take the StrengthsQuest assessment. You are assigned a personal code, which can be found in your student portal, that allows you access to take this assessment. At this point, you will need to have your portal set up already ( You can find your code under the “Profile Info” tab and then scroll down to StrengthsQuest. If you need help setting up your portal or finding your individualized StrengthsQuest code, please call the Help Center at (619) 849-2222.


Learn more about your strengths at StrengthsQuest Programming

After taking the assessment, you will receive a customized report listing your top five strengths and suggestions on how to productively apply these to your life. This report will help you gain insight on how you can use your strengths to be personally and academically successful as a student at PLNU.


Be sure to take your StrengthsQuest assessment by August 1 to make the most of your group Strengths Session on Saturday morning of NSO. You can also schedule an individual session with your personal Career Coach to follow up. We look forward to meeting you to learn about the unique Strengths you bring to PLNU! To learn more, visit

PLNU New Student Orientation App

Check out our NSO App and stay connected with the latest schedule updates, maps, and session information.

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