Freshman Vehicle Policy & Other Driving Options

Zipcar is a GREAT way to get around Freshman year!

Freshman No Car/Vehicle Policy

Freshmen residents are NOT PERMITTED to bring vehicles to campus (even for a few minutes, this includes Holidays and Breaks), nor may they park in surrounding neighborhoods or the Upper Ladera Lot (a.k.a. the City Lot).

  1.           This policy applies to all residential freshmen. For the purpose of this policy, a freshman student is defined as any student who graduated from high school within the past 12 months.

  2. A scooter or a motor driven cycle, 149cc and less, may be registered if the student has the proper paperwork and meets the scooter registration requirements (per CVC).

  3. Freshmen violating the policy will be fined $500 plus 10 hours of community service. A second offense will result in an automatic referral to traffic review. 

  4. If a freshman with a vehicle on the property receives a citation, the parent(s) or legal guardian of the student will be contacted by the Department of Public Safety and informed of the violation.

    Freshmen students with medical/psychological conditions that requires off-campus appointments should plan to use any one of the following transportation options, as the vehicle policy will remain in effect:

  • ZipCar (hourly or per day transportation)
  • Car2Go (hourly or per day transportation)
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • SideCar
  • MTS Access (Documentation of diagnosis is required for low cost round trip transportation. Contact the Disability Resource Center for more information.)
  • Non-Urgent Medical Transportation (round trip transporation arranged through the Wellness Center; fees billed to student account)
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • PLNU shuttles
  • Ask friends

It is highly recommended that families make arrangements prior to attending NSO. You are invited to contact the Disability Resource Center for assistance at (619) 849-2486.


Great news! PLNU has partnered with ZipCar, a car sharing program. This program allows students, 18 years of age and older, to rent a car to get around San Diego or anywhere they want to go. Visit to begin the process of membership. Once approved, you can have access to a ZipCar (located in the PLNU campus) 24 hours a day for a minimum hourly or daily fee which also includes gas and car insurance.


Car2Go is a car sharing program that rents its electric fleet by the minute to individuals age 18 and up. Visit for more information.


San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Access provides door-to-door transportation for individuals with documented disabilities to medical facilities in the greater San Diego area.  Visit for more information.