PLNU takes caring for God's creation through environmental stewardship seriously. We strive to equip students with the knowledge of good stewardship practices through our on-campus recycling program. We believe, however, that positive solutions to creation care are not simply programmatic. Therefore we've structured our sustainability program at PLNU so that it is inter-dependent between program and participant. In this way we are shaping students to be sent from PLNU into the world with the habits of good stewardship.

Additionally, we are committed to leadership in the community by incorporating a high level of conservation and environmental concern in all university endeavors. Specifically this holistic approach includes sustainability in construction of new buildings and in purchasing of energy star equipment. The program incorporates an increased usage of reusable items, minimizes the use of disposables, and develops campus-wide purchasing procedures that specify materials made from recycled products and local materials whenever possible. Finally, the program seeks new ways to reduce our waste stream contributions to minimum levels.

The university's sustainability initiatives are directed by the Sustainability Coordinator and the Sustainability Task Force appointed by President Bob Brower. The task force was an important part of PLNU's sustainability program and was charged by the president in 2005 and continues its oversight role to this day.