Sustainability Initiatives

PLNU's dedication to creation care can be seen in our sustainable initiatives throughout campus.  Below are some examples of PLNU's sustainability in action.

  • In 2007, President Bob Brower signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment which states that our campus will be climate neutral by 2050.
  • Our solar panel infrastructure produced 1513 MWh in 2014, enough to power 138 homes for a year.
  • Our intensive campus recycling program includes single-stream recycling, composting on-campus and through Miramar Greenery, e-waste recycling, and donations.  Last year we donated over 300 lbs of clothing.
  • In 2009, our cafeteria went trayless resulting in approximately 100,000 gallons of water savings annually.  We also use drought resistant plants in our landscaping, dual flush toilets, and waterless urinals.