Undergraduate Admissions

If you're looking for a school that balances academics and faith, tradition and today, local and global community, work and play ... PLNU is the place for you!

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Immerse yourself in the PLNU experience and you will never be the same. At PLNU, you will get a dynamic balance of challenging academics, deep spirituality, and a warm community.

With everything you can experience at PLNU, you'll be ready for a full and meaningful life. 

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Academics - Choose from over 60 areas of study, including a new art history major and minor and an innovative interdisciplinary minor in sustainability. Do research, an honors project or study abroad. You'll learn in a rich academic environment.

Faith - Serve in Israel, India, or in your own backyard with a student ministry group right in San Diego. Or you can share in discipleship with other students in a small group, or get involved with chapel.

Community - Learn to kayak by taking a Great Escapes trip. Get your caffeine and composing fix by sharing your music over coffee at Musoffee. Contribute a short story to PLNU’s literary magazine, the Driftwood. There are tons of ways to get involved.