Claire Bakken


  • Freshman
  • Managerial and Organizational Communications


Why did you choose PLNU?

I chose PLNU because I was really looking for a small Christian school with a welcoming environment. I also wanted to try something new by moving out of state, and I thought California was the perfect place! Plus, why not live on the ocean while I'm at it :) I loved this school right when I came here and it felt like a place I could call home.

Where is your favorite off-campus place to eat?

I haven't had much time to go around the city yet to find places to eat, but so far there's this pizza place called Pizza Nova not too far from campus that has the BEST garlic balls and pizza. So good. I also love Cup of Yo, it's right down the street and we don't really have froyo in Minnesota, so it's new to me!

Why I should read your blog?

My blog will show what its really like to live on campus, and from an out of state perspective which was so helpful to me as I was looking at schools. I'll be posting about what classes are like, weekend activities, and all the fun my friends and I get into! Plus, coming from a Minnesota girl who can't even waterski, it'll be amusing for you to watch my first attempt at surfing or I'll post videos of my Midwest accent. Which, according to everyone here, is the funniest thing ever.