Eddie Matthews


  • Freshman
  • Writing


Hometown: Arroyo Grande, California

Who's your favorite PLNU professor so far and why?
My favorite professor so far is Prof. Czech.  She teaches Communications 100, and her class is interactive and is less heavily focused on lecture than many other classes.  She is enthusiastic which gives the class a bit of a jump-start and makes students feel at ease with speaking in front of class.

Where is your favorite off-campus place to eat?
For this question my loyalty lies with Ortiz's.  It's a Mexican restaurant a five minute drive from the campus, and features an excellent California burrito that is a hit around the area.

Why should I read your blog?
My blog is thoughtful.  The things I post are honest and real to what I am experiencing here at Point Loma, and are worth the time to read.  I'll inform, entertain, and make you ponder within the beautiful college setting God has blessed us with.