Orin Mozon


  • Senior
  • Music and Ministry


Hometown: Oceanside, Calif.

What has been your favorite PLNU memory so far?

My favorite PLNU memories have been of the nights when homework gets pushed back and time gets spent with good people hanging out, talking, laughing, praying, and just enjoying life together. There's something really special about the community at Point Loma that I've personally never found anywhere else.

Who is your favorite professor?

The Silver Fox - otherwise known as Dr. Robert (Bob) Smith. Great guy with a lot of wisdom and insight. He's always pushed me to do my best.

What is your favorite off-campus place to eat?

There's so many. Burrito places (Ortiz's, Adalberto's, Fresh MXN), burger places (In-N-Out, Five Guys), Phil's BBQ, Taco Bell, McDonald's (late night sweet tea and large fries runs), and so many other places.

What are you involved with on campus?

Mostly, I'm involved in Worship Ministries here on campus so I get to work with a team of worship leaders and lead worship in chapel and Time Out services under the direction of the Worship Ministries director, George Williamson. He's a wise dude. 

What are your StrengthsQuest strengths?

1) Empathy
2) Positivity
3) Adaptability
4) Connectedness
5) Relator
And then when I took it before I also got WOO, Strategic, and Achiever.