MBA In A Year

"For me, the one-year option is the most convenient for getting into the workforce faster than my potential future competition in the business arena. I view it as an opportunity to further sharpen and hone in on skills I have already acquired in my undergraduate education. Undergrad gave me iron; now I'm trading it in for steel." Paul

4 + 1 = Advantage to You

Add an extra year to your PLNU undergraduate education and earn your MBA. Get the analytical abilities, communication know-how, and problem-solving skills most highly sought by employers today.

PLNU is already your first choice to get your bachelor's degree. Why not take the next step and get your edge with our innovative 5th Year MBA program? It is an intensive daytime program that allows you to earn your MBA in one year after graduating from PLNU. The program is suited to all PLNU majors including:

  • business
  • communications
  • psychology
  • humanities
  • sciences
  • fashion merchandising


"I wish to pursue an MBA at Point Loma Nazarene because they focus on core values and integrity in every class, which are a great foundation for future success." Amanda (5th Year MBA applicant)

 Add Up These Advantages:

  1. Make the connections you need to launch your career through our many networking events, which are kept strategically small in order to foster real relationships and conversations.
  2. Have the option of completing field experience at a business, government agency, or nonprofit organization, which gives you real-world professional experience in your area of career interest.
  3. Learn in an environment where you are viewed as a whole person with perspectives and beliefs that matter as much as your knowledge and skills.
  4. Be mentored by faculty members who are committed to living out their Christian faith as ethical, effective, and compassionate business leaders.
  5. Gain in-depth knowledge in an area such as entrepreneurship, healthcare management, real estate investment, nonprofit management, operations management, technological innovation, business law, or negotiations in your three-credit elective course.

Hear firsthand what an MBA from PLNU can do for your career

If you have any questions or want to connect with an admissions counselor to find out more information about PLNU's 5th Year MBA program, please get in touch.

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