Charles Threatt

Charles Threatt

  • Transfer Admissions Counselor
  • Phone: (619) 849-2789


Where are you from?
I am originally from Orange County California. I was raised in Lakeforest, CA and graduated from Mission Viejo High School.

What did you study in college?
Throughout my college career, I always studied Religion in some capacity. While I attended San Diego Christian College, my major was Youth Ministry, when I attended Community College in San Diego, my major was Religion, and upon completing my degree from Point Loma Nazarene University, I was a Christian Ministries major.

Tell us a little about CT3 Bow Ties.
1.     I have been designing bowties since September 2011.

2.     I started designing bowties because I have always loved dressing up on Friday. I called it “Fresh or Fancy Fridays.” A few people from Point Loma Nazarene University enjoyed the idea and decided they were going to join me in dressing fancy. Once the guys started dressing up, I felt that the simplicity of a normal tie did not quite suit the fancy-ness I was going for and thought perhaps bowties. I went to Nordstrom’s and thought, their prices were way over board. I decided that I could make my own bowtie, how hard could it be? I found some left over fabric from an old curtain in my house, and it was a hit. I now have over 120 personal bowties and sell them online.

What has been your best memory so far?
My best memory so far has been graduating from college. I know that it is expected from most people but for me, it was a huge accomplishment. I could not sleep the night before the ceremony knowing how many people were coming to see me do what I had set out to do. I was the first in my family to graduate from college and now, I am hoping to become the first to have their masters degree.

Having been there yourself, what advice would you give to someone going through the transfer process?
The advice I would give to someone going through the transfer process is, transferring into any school is not always going to be easy, and that's not how it should be, but it CAN be, if you have done everything you need to do on your end. I feel that preparing your transcripts, making the important phone calls, staying on top of your counselor and going the extra mile to make sure you have done everything on your end, will truly make the process that much smoother. Counselors have a lot on their plate, just like the student, therefore, taking care of the little things for the counselor will truly create a more peaceful and smooth transfer process.

When Charles will be in your area:    


TimeEvent, Location
2/4/1411am-1pmGrossmont College
2/6/1411am-1pmCuyamaca College
2/11/1411am-1pmSan Diego Miramar College
2/13/1411am-1pmSan Diego City College


San Diego Miramar College