Take a deep breath. We offer a variety of financial aid.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

To receive financial aid at PLNU, please ensure you do the following:

  1. Complete and submit your application for admission.
  2. If you are interested in federal aid and/or Cal Grant, file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. PLNU’s Federal School Code is 001262. To be given first consideration for available financial aid, the priority filing period is normally January 1st through March 2nd. The deadline for 2013 is March 4th.
  3. If you are a California resident and want to apply for a Cal Grant, submit a GPA verification form by March 2nd. The deadline for 2013 is March 4th. Request that your high school or college electronically submit a verified grade point average to the California Student Aid Commission. For more information, go to www.csac.ca.gov.

Explore need-based scholarships & learn more about Types of Aid by visiting Student Financial Services.

Academic Scholarships for First-time Freshman

PLNU Academic Scholarships are available to freshmen students who are high achievers in the classroom, and range from $7,000 to full tuition awards.

Provost's Scholarship3.7 cumulative, weighted GPA

1150 SAT (math and critical reading only)

Trustee's Scholarship
3.8 cumulative, weighted GPA1250 SAT (math and critical reading only)
President's Scholarship
4.0 cumulative, weighted GPA1400 SAT (math and critical reading only)
University Honors Scholarship
Competitive scholarship
All President's Scholars considered
full tuition

All PLNU Academic Scholarships are able to be renewed for all four years that you're a PLNU student. Students are guaranteed their scholarship for their first two years, and after that, a 3.4 college GPA must be maintained in order to renew your Academic Scholarship.

Students are able to qualify for a Provost’s, Trustee’s or President’s Scholarship throughout the entire application process.  That means that students are able to submit SAT/ACT scores through their last offering (June 2012) and final high school transcripts and still receive the award for which they qualify.  The University Honors Scholarship, as a competitive award, it only awarded in February, so all students who quality for President’s Scholarships by February 1st will be considered for the University Honors Scholarship.  The University Honors Scholarship does not require a separate application, and are awarded based purely on academic merit.

Academic Scholarships for Transfer Students

Transfer students with 23 or fewer completed units can qualify for PLNU’s Transfer Provost’s Award (worth $4000) or PLNU’s Transfer Trustee’s Award (worth $6000) with the corresponding high school qualifications in addition to the following college GPA requirements: Provost’s Scholarship—3.4 college GPA, Trustee’s Scholarship, 3.75 college GPA.  Transfers with 24 or more units need only to meet the college GPA requirements. 

Transfer students have until their last semester prior to enrolling at PLNU to achieve the scholarship criteria

Involvement Scholarships

Many departments offer scholarships based on your involvement, no matter your major!  In order to see what the process is, and if you qualify, contact the applicable department.  We recommend doing so soon—department scholarships are finite and can run out, so get in touch with those departments soon!  You can do so as soon as you’ve started the application process!

Athletic Scholarships
The student should contact the Intercollegiate Athletic Department at (619) 849-2265 or go to www.plnusealions.com
* For students who live on-campus, athletic scholarships can only be used to help pay tuition, mandatory and other fees, and on-campus room and board.

Speech and Debate Scholarships
The student should contact the forensics coach in the Department of Communication and Theatre at (619) 849-2391 or visit Communication & Theatre's site.

Music Scholarships
The student should contact the department assistant in the Department of Music at (619) 849-2445 or visit the Music Department's site.

Theatre Scholarships
The student should contact the department chair in the Department of Communication and Theatre at (619) 849-2248 or visit Communication & Theatre's site.

Students are expected to contact the applicable department to apply for the involvement scholarships mentioned above.

Types of Aid

Paying for college is more than possible. Check out all the different Types of Aid.

ROTC solutions are available. Check them out.

PLNU has an ongoing relationship with the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines through the ROTC program.

Outside Financial Aid Resources

We spend a lot of time researching ways for our students to get as much money as possible…allow us to share some of what we found! Look here for handy news articles and resources on financial aid topics, ranging from scholarship tips to common FAFSA mistakes!