Get to the Point!

We would love to see you at PLNU!

Visiting campus is becoming an important part of the college decision process. You can come almost anytime of the year!

When you visit campus on a weekday, you can participate in the following activities:

Take a campus tour

Sit in on a class

Meet with a professor

Meet with your admissions counselor

Talk to Student Financial Services

Visit the Beach

Meet with Study Abroad

Attend Chapel

Spend the night in a residence hall

Eat in the dining hall

To schedule a campus visit, contact our Campus Visit Coordinator via phone (800) 733-7770 or schedule it online.

Visit Anytime

Yep, it's just what it sounds like - make some time to come to campus, and we will show you around. Take a campus tour, maybe schedule an admissions interview, visit chapel, or even sit in on a class.

Preview Days

Preview Days are one-of-a-kind opportunities to get the full PLNU experience. On these select days, you get the chance to go a bit deeper than the average campus visit.

Evening Tours

We know not everyone has the flexibility to visit campus during the regular work or school day. We've set aside a few evenings during the year for you to experience PLNU through one of our Sunset Tours.