Check out some students who are living the PLNU experience and soaking up all that it has to offer.


As associated student body president, Ian knows all about leading. He even dropped the chance to run for city councilman in his hometown to move out west to PLNU, a decision he knows was an equally irreplaceable opportunity. 


Will is passionate about ministry, but he knows not everyone is pursuing his field of study. So among his many involvements, he brings together students of various majors and career goals to discuss what it means to have your work be your ministry.


A San Diego native, Thomas loves PLNU for the new opportunities it offers him. He's excelling in nursing and thriving - getting involved and forming long-lasting relationships. 


Cosette is a lab tech in the computer labs, the vice president of Voices in Praise (VIP) Gospel Choir, tutors in the math learning center, plays intramural soccer, and serves with Townspeople, a student ministry for AIDS outreach. Got all that? Clearly, for her, it's all about balance.


Sydney may have found out about PLNU because of its killer surf, but her experience turned out to be about more than catching waves - it's been rich and fulfilling.