Meet Sydney
Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif.

> Sydney may have found out about PLNU because of its killer surf, but her experience turned out to be about more than catching waves - it's been rich and fulfilling.


How and why did you choose PLNU?
I actually first found out about PLNU in a surf magazine that did a feature on the top 10 best surf schools, PLNU being one of them. I also had a few friends that went here so I was able to talk to them and see how they liked it. I choose PLNU after going on a tour and seeing the beautiful campus. I also really liked the fact that it was a Christian school where I could learn more about my faith and worship God freely. And finally, I liked that PLNU was relatively small so there was a lesser student to teacher ratio. It's always cool to be able to develop relationships with your teachers and classmates. 

What’s the best college experience you’ve had thus far?
It's hard to choose a favorite college experience because I've had SO many wonderful experiences that all stand out to me. But if I had to choose one I would definitely say that being able to live in community with the lovely ladies of Hendricks 1st North (my residence hall floor) has been fantastic! I love being able to simply walk down my hall to hang out with my new close friends. My hall has become like family. 

Do you have any go-to places on campus to hang out or study?
Well, surfing right off the cliffs is definitely one of my favorite places to take a study break and unwind a bit. I also love to take walks to Ocean Beach or just along the beach. My favorite spot on campus to study is either the study lounge, in my dorm, or the library, which is cliché but it works for me. 

What’s your favorite concoction in the Caf?
My favorite concoction in the Caf is definitely the coffee milkshake that I often make. You put a little bit of coffee in a cup and then add the swirl frozen yogurt. IT'S SO GOOD – better than Starbucks fraps in my opinion.

Do you have any future plans for the rest of college – study abroad, getting involved, an internship?
I plan to get a job next semester to earn money for my Loveworks trip this summer. I'm going to the Democratic Republic of the Congo! I'm so excited. I also want to gradually join more student ministries but I don't want to overwork myself. Then junior year I plan to study abroad, hopefully somewhere in Latin America so I can work on my Spanish. 

Who is your most fun professor? Who is your most inspirational professor?
My most fun professor is probably Dr. Mark Bilby because he likes to get the class involved with his lectures whether that be through debates or writing movie scripts or raps about Jesus' life. My most inspirational professor is definitely adjunct professor Tim Hall. He genuinely cares about all his students and never hesitates to hear what we have to say. He respects his students and is so positive, encouraging, and friendly. He always says hi to me when I see him outside of class, which is cool.