Meet Will
Year: Junior
Major: Christian Ministry - Youth Ministry
Hometown: Modesto, Calif.

> Will is passionate about ministry, but he knows not everyone is pursuing his field of study. So among his many involvements, he brings together students of various majors and career goals to discuss what it means to have your work be your ministry.




How and why did you choose PLNU?

I chose PLNU because it's a school where class sizes are small, professors know who you are, the school has Christian values and of course it's in San Diego


What’s the best college experience you’ve had thus far?


Probably one of the best experiences I've had with PLNU was this past summer when I participated in the Summer Ministry Internship program in Hawaii and then an international missions trip through the LoveWorks program to Ukraine. They are two experiences that have really shaped my life and who I am as an individual. 


Who is your most fun professor? Who is your most inspirational professor?


My most fun professor would probably be Dr. Brad Kelle. Although I took the hardest course of my college career with him, Dr. Kelle kept things interesting as we would sarcastically banter and indulge his unique Star Wars obsession. 

The most inspirational professor that I have met here is Norm Shoemaker. Norm leads his class in a way that inspires creative thought yet he is able to share the wealth of wisdom and experience he's had with us in a passionate and exciting way. 


Do you have any go-to places on campus to hang out or study?


I'm a Starbucks/coffee addict so you can find me throughout the week in any number of coffee shops including Bobby Bs on our campus. When I'm not studying I love going on adventures in Balboa Park, taking a walk down to our cliffs, or hanging out at Mission Beach.  


What’s your favorite concoction in the Caf?


Hands down the Chicken Tortilla Soup. Soooo good.


Do you have any future plans for the rest of college – study abroad, getting involved, an internship?


This summer I plan on spending eight weeks in Asia for an internship through the LoveWorks program here at school and am really excited to continue seeing a new ministry that we've started called Converge grow and minister to students across our campus.