Friday, October 22, 1999 (All day) - Sunday, October 24, 1999 (All day)

Point Loma competed in two tournaments this last weekend on Biola's campus.  Though the two tournaments were separate they were both hosted on the same campus and there was a combined tournament Sweepstakes Trophy which was presented to the program that amassed the most sweepstakes points at both tournaments.  Point Loma was fortunate enough to win that honor, by a fairly large margin over the second place finisher Arizona State University.


Mt San Antonio College Tournament 


At this smaller one day individual events tournament,  we sent about 5 students to compete, leaving most of the others behind to attend Friday classes.  They somehow managed to win 3rd place school sweepstakes against much bigger teams.  Here are the results for each student that won an award:


Nathan Brisby: Finalist in Prose Interp and Mini Interp (experimental event)

Dezerai Hess:  Finalist in Mini Interp

Kanaan:   First Place in Prose, First Place in Mini Interp, 2nd Place in Poetry Interp

Linsey Kitchens: Fourth Place in After Dinner Speaking, Fourth Place in Impromptu, Second Place in Rhetorical Criticism.



The Biola University Tournament


This tournament was quite a bit larger with 28 colleges and universities participating.  We took our entire team of close to thirty students, and they did very well earning First Place Sweepstakes in the tournament.  In fact after adjusting for a calculation error they made in the tournament results we earned 164 team points, and the nearest competitor was Azusa Pacific with 109 points.  Arizona State won Third Place with 103 points.  Other schools competing included USC, UCLA, the Claremont Colleges and many other private  and state colleges and universities.  Here is how the students did:


Debate Honors:


In Novice Debate, Jeff Anderson, Evan Rutledge and Jamie Norwood won speaker awards for Fourth Place, Ninth Place and Tenth Place respectively.  The team of Joel Cunningham and Jason Reilly won five of their six preliminary round debates, and won their octafinal and quarter final debates before winning Third Place by dropping in Semi Finals of Novice Debate.  The team of Jeff Anderson and Stephanie Gabriel won 4 of their 6 preliminary rounds and their octafinal round before winning fourth Place by dropping in quarter finals.

In Open Division Debate, Phil Rath and David Graham won speaker awards for Fourth Place and Eighth Place respectively.  We advanced four teams to the eight octa final rounds, more than any other school competing.  The teams and accomplishments were as follows


Phil Rath and Rick Travis - First Place, after winning 5 of 6 prelims, Octas, Quarters and Semis

James Adams and Linsey Kitchens - Fourth Place, won 5 of 6 prelims, Octas - dropped in Quarters

Mandy Bouck and Kanaan - Fifth Place, won 4 of 6 prelims and dropped in Octa finals

Jason Anderson and Nathan Brisby - Fifth Place, won 4 of 6 prelims and dropped in Octa finals


Individual Events Honors - The following students won the following awards:


Katie Angliss - 3rd Place Poetry, 4th place Prose,

Mandy Bouck - 3rd Place Duo Interp

Nathan Brisby - 3rd Place Duo Interp, 2nd Place Poetry, 3rd Place Dramatic Interp

Stephanie Gabriel - 1st Place Novice Dramatic Interp

David Graham - 2nd Place Impromptu (corrected)

Kanaan -2nd Place Programmed Interp, 1st Place Poetry, 5th Place

Nicola Koch - 3rd Place Communication Analysis

Phil Rath - 1st Place Extemporaneous, 3rd Place Impromptu (corrected)

Rick Travis - 5th Place Extemporaneous, 1st Place Impromptu (corrected)


I hope I did not leave anyone off the list inadvertently, but it is late as I type this and we did not get back from Biola until about 2:30 this morning.  Please forgive the students if they seemed a little tired Monday morning, they worked very this weekend.  Konrad Hack was instrumental in running the debate portion of this tournament.  He is also a huge reason why this may be the best speech team we have yet seen at Pt Loma.  Thanks for supporting the students who are working so hard and learning so much in this activity.