Creighton / Concordia Swing

Friday, October 1, 1999 (All day) - Sunday, October 3, 1999 (All day)

The two PLNU forensics students (Katie Angliss and Nathan Brisby) we sent to the Nebraska tournaments just returned.  Between the two of them they brought back an amazing total of 14 trophies from this past weekend.  They competed in two Individual Events tournaments hosted by Concordia University and Creighton University, and a debate tournament jointly hosted by the two schools.  Almost 40 Colleges and Universities attended.  Our two students alone earned a Sixth Place school sweepstakes standing, against all the larger programs.  Here are the specifics:



Concordia/Creighton Debate Tournament:


Katie - Won Top Speaker - beating over 120 other debaters for this honor

Katie and Nathan - won 5 of their 6 preliminary rounds and dropped in a split decision in the Octa Final round


Creighton Tournament:


Katie and Nathan - 5th place Duo Interp


Katie - 1st place in Poetry Interp

- 6th place in Prose Interp


Nathan - 1st place in Dramatic Interp


Concordia Tournament:


Katie and Nathan - 2nd Place in Duo


Katie - 3rd place Prose Interp 

- 5th place in Poetry


Nathan - 5th place in Programmed Oral Interp

- 6th place in Dramatic Interp