Friday, November 13, 1998 (All day) - Sunday, November 15, 1998 (All day)
Cal State Northridge

Due to heavy academic loads, upcoming exams and assignments, work schedules and illness many of the members of the Speech Team were unable to attend this weekend's tournament at Cal State Northridge. But those that attended represented Point Loma very well. Coach Konrad Hack took the team and indicated that over 45 colleges and universities were competing, the largest such tournament we have attended this year.

Debaters David Graham, Leilani Carver, and Jenni Burgess all advanced to the Octa Final rounds before loosing. Leilani Carver was named 6th Speaker and Jenni Burgess 8th Speaker.

In Individual Events Jenni Burgess and David Graham again had outstanding tournaments. Jenni took First Place in Impromptu and 2nd Place in Extemporaneous Speaking. David Graham took 4th place in both Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu, qualifying for the prestigious AFA National tournament in Extemp and almost qualifying in Impromptu.

We have now qualified Jenni, David, Kanaan, and Nathan Brisby for AFA Nationals and several other students are not far behind. This is by far the most talented group of individual events speakers we have ever had.

Never have so many students qualified so soon for AFA Nationals from Point Loma. Many of these students will qualify in multiple events. Jenni already has. Please congratulate them if you have them in classes. Thanks too for your continued support. Many of the students draw material from your lectures and assignments.