Friday, November 6, 1998 (All day) - Sunday, November 8, 1998 (All day)
Grossmont College, California

We were just advised that Point Loma was named First Place winners of the recent Biola Tournament after recalculating results following an inquiry into a Novice eligibility violation by Texas Southern. Betcha didn't know that took place in forensics, did you. :-)

This weekend was not as close. In a field of 16 Colleges and Universities from California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, Point Loma accumulated 150 sweepstakes points and won First Place at the Grossmont College Tournament.

Our nearest competitor earned 89 points. Two communication classes, Argumentation & Debate and Oral Interpretation, participated as well and did very well. The 50 Point Loma students competing makes this the single largest group we have ever entered in a speech tournament. The sweepstakes points however, were earned on the basis of achievement not participation.

In Individual Events the following Point Loma students won the following awards (please congratulate them if you have them in class):

Jason Anderson - 2nd Place Open Impromptu Katie Angliss - Finalist in Programmed Interp, and 3rd Place in Duo Interp with Kanaan Mandy Bouck and Nathan Brisby - Finalist in Duo Interp Deanna Feyerabend - 1st Place Novice Extemp David Graham - 2nd Place Novice Extemp Wendy Harrison - Finalist Novice Extemp Kanaan - 2nd Place Programmed Interp, 2nd Prose, Finalist Poetry, and 3rd

Place Duo Interp with Angliss

Nicola Koch - 1st Place Novice Persuasion Kirsten Smith - 3rd Place Dramatic Interp

I will have to check my records to verify this, but Kanaan's showing should qualify him for Nationals in at least one event and he is very close in several others, as is Katie Angliss.

In Novice Debate, Point Loma had 5 of the 8 Novice Quarterfinalist teams.

3 of those teams advanced to the Semi Finals. In the Final Round the team of Jessica Reichert and Allison Steelman won First Place. Tieing for Third Place were the teams of Justin Geel and Shaun McClellan, and Melinda Smee and Melissa Kutchuk. Tieing for Fourth Place were the teams of Charmian Ellerkamp and Chris Iverson, and Diana Armstrong and Bethany McLelan.

Receiving Top Five Speaker Awards for Novice Debate from Point Loma were:

Allison Steelman - 2nd Place Speaker, and Melinda Smee 4th Place Speaker.

Point Loma Novices from the class also finished in all 5 slots for 6th through 10th Speakers.

In Open Debate, Point Loma advanced 3 of the 4 Semifinalist teams. Since top seeded Katie Angliss and Tre' Huxley defeated 4th seeded Dixie College, Point Loma had another three way tie for first place. After tie breakers the order of ranking was:

Tre' Huxley and Katie Angliss - First Place

David Graham and Jason Anderson - Second Place

Deanna Feyerabend and Wendy Harrison - Third Place Top Five Speaker Awards in Open

Debate were awarded to the following Point Loma Students:

Katie Angliss - First Place Speaker (second tournament in a row!!!)

Tre' Huxley - Second Place Speaker

Nathan Brisby - Third Place Speaker

David Graham - Fourth Place Speaker

I apologize for the length of this post, but as you can see our students were very busy and quite successful this weekend.