Friday, November 14, 2008 (All day) - Sunday, November 16, 2008 (All day)
Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA

Grossmont College hosted one of the largest regional tournaments this past weekend hosting around thirty colleges and universities from the Southland, Arizona and Wyoming. Point Loma was fortunate enough to win First Place Overall in the combined division of both debate and individual events. First Place School Sweepstakes in Debate, tied for Fourth Place in Individual Events. The debate sweepstakes award is based on your top 4 teams per division.

Members of the Argumentation and Debate class helped to supplement our normal team effort allowing PLNU to enter 15 total debate teams in the tournament, 4 in Senior and 11 in Novice. Three of those four Senior teams advanced to Quarter Finals (Bronze Round), with one advancing to Semi Finals (Gold /Silver Round. Ten of the twelve novice teams advanced to the Bronze Round, and 8 of those ten advanced to their Silver/Gold Round where two teams won Gold. Many of our debaters won top speaker awards and honors as well. Team presidents Chris Gutierrez and Angela Compton won First and Second Place speakers respectively in the senior division of debate, very noteworthy personal distinctions given all the talented competitors in the activity.

I want to especially thank Professor Lazaro and all of our alumni that do so much for our program. And as a reminder we have our alumni charter banquet with homecoming this upcoming Friday. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Individual Events Awards

  • Ciera Wilson – Novice Extemp First Place
  • Josh Irvine – Novice Extemp Finalist
  • Nathan Maddix – Novice Extemp Finalist
  • Angela Compton – Open Extemp 6th Place
  • Caitlyn Burford – Open Extemp 3rd Place
  • Raegan Pratt – Novice Prose Finalist
  • Barbara Gausewitz – Novice Speech to Entertain 3rd Place, Novice Impromptu 3rd Place
  • Danielle Lawson – Open Informative 2nd Place
  • Christ Gutierrez and Danielle Lawson – Open Duo Interp 3rd

Debate Awards

Senior Teams

  • Chris Gutierrez and Daniel Nadal: Silver Award
  • Caitlyn Burford and Angela Compton: Bronze Award (Quarter Finalist)
  • David Kruckenberg and Brandon Walsh: Bronze Award (Quarter Finalist)

Novice Teams

  • MacLean Andrews and Raegan Pratt – Gold Award
  • Jayme Oswald and Ben Powers – Gold Award
  • Allison Beardsley and Nathan Maddix – Silver Award
  • Dolly Bradford and Jessica Sillman – Silver Award
  • Joel Ressel and John Chilson - Silver Award
  • Ciera Wilson and Barbara Gausewitz – Silver Award
  • Josh Irvine and Margaret Urfer – Silver Award
  • Laura Puhl and Brooke Simon – Silver Award
  • Lissy Gillespie and Andrea Ormerod – Bronze Award
  • Isaiah King and Jon Giordano – Bronze Award

Top Debater Awards

Senior Awards

  • Chris Gutierrez – First Place
  • Angela Compton – Second Place
  • Caitlyn Burford – Fifth Place
  • Daniel Nadal – Sixth Place
  • David Kruckenberg – Tenth Place

Novice Awards

  • Barbara Gausewitz – Eighth Place
  • Dolly Bradford – Ninth Place
  • Brooke Simon – Tenth Place
  • Allison Beardsley – Eleventh Place