Grossmont College Griffin Invitational

Friday, November 12, 1999 (All day) - Sunday, November 14, 1999 (All day)

This last weekend Pt Loma’s Speech Team competed with 22 colleges and universities from the Southern California and Arizona Region at Grossmont College’s Griffin Invitational.  We were fortunate enough to win our second straight First Place Sweepstakes Trophy.  Point Loma's  sweepstakes points totaled 172, and the Second Place Orange Coast College totaled 114.  Many other very strong programs competed, including Cal State Long Beach, Azusa Pacific and the Claremont Colleges to name but three.  Due to other conflicts, two of our top Senior debate teams were not even able to compete this weekend.


Since the tournament was at a San Diego County school and not happening during class times we were able to take a larger number of students than we can not normally travel.  About 75 students from Pt Loma competed, with approximately 50 of those coming from Introductory Communication and Debate classes.  Though many were not yet tournament competitive per se, they all enjoyed their first forensic experience. You should know though that sweepstakes points are not awarded just for participation. The competitors must excel to be eligible for points.  So our weight of numbers had little impact on this event. The following results show how the 20 plus team members performed.  All the sweepstakes points were earned by these students. :




Jason Anderson Second Place  Impromptu

Jeff Anderson: Second Place  - Novice Extemp,

Mandy Bouck: Fourth Place  Duo Interpretation,

Nathan Brisby: Fourth Place  Duo Interpretation, Third Place  Prose Interp

Kanaan: First Place - Poetry,  Fifth Place Programmed Interp,


Second Place - Drama, First Place - Prose

Beth Kallevig: Finalist -  Novice InformativeLinsey Kitchens Fourth Place -  Speech to Entertain, 

Nicola Koch Third Place  Rhetorical Criticism

Phil Rath Second Place  Extemp, Third Place - Impromptu

Ali Savage Third Place  Novice Programmed Oral Interp

Mary Schramm Third Place  Novice Persuasion


(Special Note:  Kanaan received a special award in Poetry Interp called the Picket Fence award, for receiving all first place votes throughout the entire tournament.  Also, Kanaan has now qualified several of his events for the National Tournament to be held in Lincoln Nebraska next April.)




Jamie Norwood and Brenda Stagner  Fifth Place

Jeff Anderson and Stephanie Gabriele  Fifth Place

Evan Rutledge and Jason Riley  Fourth Place

Jordan Cunningham and Kris Walters - First Place


(Special note: Novice Debater, Kris Walters has now gone to two tournaments, won First Place in both and not yet lost a single debate round. (19 wins and 0 losses). I'm not sure how to break it to him that losses eventually happen.)




Rick Travis and Phil Rath  Fourth Place

David Graham and Jason Anderson  Third Place