Hatfield Debates/Willamette Univ. Salem, OR

Friday, March 5, 1999 (All day) - Saturday, March 6, 1999 (All day)

The Forensics team was competing in two tournaments this last weekend, Fresno CA and Salem OR.

In Fresno, we sent some students up to the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Qualifier. Our District is so tough that it has been very difficult to qualify students for Nationals in past years. In fact the most students I remember qualifying for any given AFA Nationals has been three. This year's District has been even more competitive. Yet our students have risen to the competition. Five of our students had qualified at large prior to this weekend; Katie Angliss, Nathan Brisby, Jenni Burgess, David Graham, and Kanaan. At the Qualifier this weekend we also qualified Mandy Bouck and Kirsten Smith. Nathan qualified in an additional event. This will be our largest AFA Nationals entry by far.

The tournament takes place at the end of Easter Break in Alabama.

We also had 5 of our debaters competing in the very difficult field of over 50 teams at Willamette University, in Salem Oregon. Tre' Huxley and Katie Angliss not only advanced to the elimination rounds but they had the highest team speaker points in the tournament next to a host school team which was not allowed to advance to elimination rounds. Tre' won Fourth Speaker and Katie won 9th Speaker. They also won their Octa Final round and dropped on a split decision to the team which went on to win the tournament. David Graham was paired with a student from the host school and won five of his six preliminary rounds. The team was not allowed to compete in elimination rounds since one of the debaters was from the host school. Only one team had a better win loss record.

A busy but rewarding tournament. We also had a chance to meet with a high school recruit and her parents. This student had earlier that day in their High School State Qualifier, won First Place Trophies in three different events. The present and the future are looking pretty good.