Invitational Parli Open Claremont

Saturday, September 23, 2006 (All day) - Sunday, September 24, 2006 (All day)

Point Loma's Jr. and Sr division teams competed at a strenuous debate tournament hosted by the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA, Friday through Sunday.  This parliamentary debate tournament is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious tournaments of the year. 

The Claremont tournament is attended by outstanding teams from as far away as Arkansas, Washington and Wyoming, and includes tough California programs like Berkeley.  From a very competitive field of over 50 teams debating for 8 preliminary rounds each, 16 teams are selected to compete in the Octafinals rounds.  Here are a few of the highlights of that tournament for the Point Loma students.
  • Tim Kamermayer and Griffith Vertican posted a 6 win 2 loss preliminary round record and went on to win their Octafinals Round and their Quarter finals round, before finally dropping to Berkeley in the Semi Final Round - winning Third Place in the tournament.
  • Tim Kamermayer won an award for being named the number 6 speaker in the entire tournament.
  • Griffith Vertican won an award for the 23rd top speaker.
  • Joel Day and Ben Kautzer earned a winning record,  but were the 17th team in a field that advanced on 16 teams.  Many tournaments this size break to Double Octafinals, rather than just the 16 top octafinalists.
  • Jordan Cherry and Angela Compton were just one win shy of having a good enough win loss record to advance to the elimination rounds.

It has been many years since Point Loma has advanced any teams to the elimination rounds at this difficult tournament, let alone advance a team as far as Tim and Griffith advanced this weekend. The entire squad's fine showing at this tough, early test bodes well for the remainder of the year, especially in light how well the novices and junior team did at the El Camino tournament on Friday.  Special thanks to Professor Ashleigh Livingston who helped to coach and judge at both the El Camino College and the Claremont Tournaments, and recent alumni Kevin Davis who helped coach and judge in Claremont.  Thanks to for your support.  Due to the variety of topics debated, the students have an opportunity to utilize the material learned in their various classes at these tournaments.  Two of our new stars, and many of the incoming freshmen were the direct result of the admissions office extraordinary efforts.  As Hillary might say, it takes a village to raise a debate team.