Friday, November 13, 2009 (All day)
Irvine Valley College, Irvine

On Friday, November 13, 2009 the PLNU Debate team and members of the Point Loma Argumentation and Debate class participated in the Irvine Valley College “It’s Great to be Free” Debate tournament with 17 other colleges and universities, mostly from Southern California but also from as far away as the University of Washington, at Missouri. Proving that Friday the Thirteenth need not consist of just foreboding superstitions and bad horror films, Point Loma advanced 6 teams from the debate class in the Novice Division and 3 of the 5 teams from the debate squad entered in Senior Division. Two Pt Loma teams were amongst the four teams winning Gold Medals in Senior, and two others amongst the four winning Silver Medals in Novice, with a group of others capturing the Bronze.

Classroom teams advanced to the first elimination, (Bronze or Octas) round, earning medals.

  • Adilene Baltazar and Lauren Harris – Bronze Medals
  • McKayla Carpenter and Ochuko Diamreyan – advanced further winning Silver Medals
  • Omar Rubi and Madison Vollmar – Bronze Medals
  • Wendy Fink Robinson and Keyan Zameni – Bronze Medals
  • Kassie Ham and Kayley Nuzum – Bronze Medals
  • William Koon and Michael Morris – Advanced further winning Silver Medals

PLNU debate squad teams advanced to the first elimination (bronze or Octas) round

  • MacLean Andrews and Caitlyn Burford – Advanced further winning Gold Medals
  • Danielle Lawson and Ashley Nuckels – Advanced further winning Gold Medals
  • Ben Powers and James Wilson – Bronze Medals

Novice individual speaker accolades

  • McKayla Carpenter – 10th Place
  • William Koon – 9th Place
  • Hunter Oshiko – 8th Place
  • Kayley Nuzum – 7th Place

Senior Division top individual speaker accolades

  • Ben Powers – 7th Place
  • James Wilson – 6th Place
  • Ashley Nuckels – 5th Place
  • Danielle Lawson – 4th Place

Special thanks to past debaters, alumni and friends who assisted us with meeting this large judging commitment.