Novice / Rookie Tournament San Diego at Mesa

Friday, December 10, 2004 (All day)

The COM 231 Argumentation and Debate Class participated Friday in an all day debate tournament at Mesa College with over 40 teams from six colleges and universities. The tournament was designed for Rookie debaters from other such argumentation classes at other colleges. The team of Katie Balsis and Matt Castro won all four of their preliminary rounds, and then beat a very fine Cal State San Bernardino team in the final round on a 4-1 decision, debating capital punishment. The team of Ali Sansom and Erik Sykes also won all four preliminary rounds, but was not able to advance to the final round due to tournament constraints.

The following PLNU teams only lost one round each, which in most tournaments would assure them a chance to debate in the elimination bracket:

Nicole Adres & Jason Sheets
Kaitlyn Curran & Jared Jennings
Angela Hueth & Katrina Humphreys
Tori Kinney & Liz Nesbitt

Out of the nearly 90 participants, the top 20 speakers were honored. Winning top speaker honors were the following Pt Loma class members.

Katie Balsis - 2nd Place Speaker
Nicole Adres - 6th Place Speaker
Matt Castro - 9th Place Speaker
Jason Sheets - 10th Place Speaker
Kaitlyn Curran - 11th Place Speaker
Katrina Humphreys - 12th Place Speaker
Vanessa Gonzalez - 14th Place Speaker
Ali Sansom - 17th Place Speaker
Thanks to their professors for allowing them to participate in this unique learning experience. Hopefully some will choose to join the school's intercollegiate team.