NPDA National Championship, Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ

Thursday, March 20, 2014, 7:00 am - Sunday, March 23, 2014, 8:00 pm
Northern Arizona University

The PLNU debate team recently returned from the NPDA National Championship

hosted by Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona where they

competed against over 150 teams from over 50 colleges and universities

across the country.


Point Loma's team won Fifth place in the yearlong national sweepstakes

race based on how the entire squad performed throughout the year,

against hundreds of other colleges and universities nationwide, such

as Cal Berkeley, University of the Pacific, SDSU, Truman State, the

Air Force Academy, Pepperdine, and Rice University.


This Fifth place nationwide award further solidifies Point Loma's

cumulative number one standing in the yearlong sweepstakes race 

over the last 18 years since NPDA has been keeping such records.


The four PLNU teams competing at Nationals were:


Brandon West and Josh Gilbert (2 sophomores)

Chris Danks and Caleb Moore (senior and freshman)

Frank Daniel and Kasey Graves (2 juniors)

Stephanie Haas and Nick Kjeldgaard (senior and freshman)


All four teams performed well, and Josh Gilbert and Brandon West

advanced to the elimination round bracket before dropping on a split

decision to the team from Washburn Univ that went on to drop in finals for 

a second place finish.  This kept alive a 25 year or longer tradition of having 

a PLNU team amass a winning record at Nationals, which qualifies teams to

compete in the elimination rounds.


These four teams together earned enough team wins for PLNU to also be

awarded a 16th Place Tournament Sweepstakes Honor.  Recently

graduated  debate alumni and peer coaches Sydney Awakuni and McLean

Andrews were a tremendous help coaching and judging for the  event.


As our competitive season draws to a close we wish to thank you all

for your continued support of our program, including team coaches like

professors Lazaro and Schrauger, our alumni supporters and

volunteers, other faculty, staff and administrators, and most recently

Dr. Lynn Reaser who joined us as a Forensic Fellow and fielded a ton

of inquiries on all matters economic.  Our students debate different

topics each debate round and rely heavily on what they learn in their

classes, especially political and gender theory on inclusiveness this

year, and education, economic and sociology based topics.


Please refer any promising prospects to us for next year from any

major or class.  We primarily look for bright, hard workers, that are

competitive and present ideas well in both the written and spoken

word. Those that also possess that ineffable essence of charisma are

often especially effective in forensics, as they are in life.  :-).  


Please let me know of any strong leads.  We are hoping to bring in

more strong recruits to add to our returning members.