NPDA Nationals at Oregon State University

Thursday, March 23, 2006 (All day) - Sunday, March 26, 2006 (All day)

Two PLNU teams earned a 6/2 win loss record and advanced to the elimination rounds. Both advanced to the second elimination round before being eliminated. Unfortunately we were on the side of the resolution that lost 75% of the decisions during this round. Most topics were a little better balanced, some even coming out with a 50% win/loss split of the nearly 300 teams competing. Congratulations to Andrew Hoag and Griffith Vertican, and to Kevin Davis and Ben Kautzer for their fine showing at this tournament. All of the other Point Loma teams did well also. Jordan Cherry and Elly Garner came within one victory in their eight rounds of preliminary competition of advancing to the elimination rounds.

The Pt Loma team ended up in 20th place for the tournament sweepstakes and we ended the year in 24th place in the nation for the year long sweepstakes race amongst the hundreds competing nation wide. Unfortunately the organization chose this year to count novice and junior contributions as worth half the amount that seniors count. That practice has already been changed for next year. This year especially that policy hurt us as we had so many novice and junior teams, and so few pure senior teams.