Open Invitational - Parli only Claremont

Saturday, September 27, 2003 (All day) - Sunday, September 28, 2003 (All day)
We are grateful to alumnus Janae Parker and Prof. Kathleen Czech for volunteering their time to help with this tournament. 84 teams competed from 26 schools.  The field was extremely competitive, drawing from 8 different states, primarily from the west but extending as far east and south as South Carolina. and Florida.  This tournament had just one Senior Division, forcing Novices and Juniors to compete with Senior Division debaters.  This was especially challenging at the first tournament of the year, all the more so for younger squads like ours.    Three Point Loma teams earned awards of excellence based on their winning records after 8 preliminary rounds of debate. 
Those teams were:
Dominique Marino & Chris Champine
Troy Funk & Jay Selnick
Brenden Garrett & Shannon Hutchison
Our other teams were extremely close.  This was a stronger showing than at the same tournament last year for the squad as a whole against a tougher field.  Thanks again for your continued support of this program and our students.