Palomar College Ray Dahlin Invitational and the Grossmont Griffin Invitational.

Thursday, November 7, 2013, 7:00 am - Saturday, November 9, 2013, 8:00 pm
Grossmont College

The PLNU Speech and Debate team competed in two tournaments Friday, November 7th - Saturday, November 9th at Grossmont College. They were the Palomar College Ray Dahlin Invitational and the Grossmont Griffin Invitational. 


Over 20 colleges and universities from Texas, Arizona and California participated.  Point Loma won the Second Place Overall Sweepstakes and the Third Place Debate Sweepstakes at the Grossmont Griffin, and based on the efforts of Victoria Saunders we won Third Place Sweepstakes at the Dahlin Palomar Invitational in the four year division.  I understand that this might have been a three way tie for first, but have been unable to confirm it. 

I wanted to express my appreciation to Professors Lazaro and Schrauger and the many alumni that came out to help. Here are the individual results for the two tournaments:

Open Parli Debate:

Chris Danks & Caleb Moore_ 1st place Champions  (Gold Medalists)

Josh Gilbert & Brandon West _ Semi Finalist (Gold Medalists)

Christy Wright & Daniel Robert Spencer_ Semi Finalist (Gold Medalists)

Kasey Graves & Kayla Cook_ Octofinalist (Bronze Medalists)

Nick Kjeldgaard & Stephanie Haas_ Octofinalist (Bronze Medalists)


Junior Parli Debate:

Dana Miyashiro & Olivia Niedhart_ Bronze

Lauren Jacobs & Jordan Hill_ Gold


Novice Parli Debate:

Zurisadai Rivera & Jonah Perine_ Bronze

Emilio Prieto & Katie McSweeney_ Silver

Ben Becker & Autumn Shultz_ Gold



Open_ Chris Danks 8th

Open_ Caleb Moore 7th

Open_ Daniel Robert Spencer 5th

Open_ Joshua Gilbert 4th

Open_ Brandon West 1st


Junior_ Dana Miyashiro 9th

Junior_ Lauren Jacobs 7th



Open Extemp:

Chris Danks_ 2nd

Brandon West_ Finalist (6th)

Daniel Robert Spencer_ Finalist (4th)

Open Impromptu:

Chris Danks_ 2nd

Ray Dahlin Invitational

Victoria Saunders - Open Drama 1st place Tournament Champion