PLNU Cultural Events: Peter Sprague's Bop Moderno

Saturday, March 1, 2014, 7:30 pm
Crill Performance Hall - The Cooper Music Center

Peter Sprague's Bop Moderno -- a quintet playing Peter's modern bop arrangements featuring Gilbert Castellanos.


Peter and Gilbert have lived in San Diego for a long time and have only played together a few times.  "I love his Music!", says Peter, "and I'm thrilled to have a situation to work on some tunes together."  This band will embrace the classic sound of trumpet and tenor sax carrying the melodies over the foundation of a cooking rhythm section.

Peter Sprague -- guitar

Gilbert Castellanos -- trumpet

Tripp Sprague -- sax and flute

Gunnar Biggs -- bass

Duncan Moore -- drums

Click here to go to Peter Sprague's web page.


Tickets:  $15 - Adults

                    $12 - Students, Seniors and Military

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