PLNU Free Fall Parliamentary Debate Tournament

Saturday, October 29, 2011 (All day)
PLNU Campus

               Just a quick follow up to the PLNU Free Fall Parliamentary Debate Tournament hosted this Saturday, October 29th, at Point Loma.  The following 9 colleges and universities participated in a one day, six round event discussing topics drawn from controversies discussed in or alluded to in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  Approximately 125 to 150 debaters, professors, and judges from these schools plus observers  were participating. Our PLNU Argumentation and Debate class also participated in this tournament.  It was the first actual tournament experience for most of the students.  There were many compliments from other judges on how well they performed. Most of them seemed to enjoy it and learn a lot.


I will also list below the actual resolutions debated.


Schools Participating.



San Diego Mesa College

Grossmont College

San Diego Christian College

Concordia University, Irvine

Irvine Valley College

Cerritos College

C S U Los Angeles


Resolutions Debated:


Round One:   Profiting from human tissue research is immoral.

Round Two:  The use of genetic engineering research for producing designer babies is immoral.

Round Three:  This House would enact a law that informed consent from donors be required before using their cells for research.

Round Four:  Cell donors should be able to veto objectionable research from on their own cell lines.

Bronze Round:  The ends of advancing scientific research justify the means of using human cells obtained without informed consent.

Gold/Silver Round:  With regards to Human Genetic Research, science must be further restrained in the USA.


PLNU Results:

Although we were primarily concerned with being good hosts, a number of our students were also able to compete and they did very well.  Here are those results.



The PLNU novice team of Haley Herrera and Kyla Sabado advanced to the Bronze round, won that then also won their Silver/ Gold round, winning the Gold.

PLNU student Charlene (Charlie) Merritt) was 6th Speaker in Novice out of over 50 competitors. Geron Rains and Lydia Kravchuk were also in the top 15 speakers.


OPEN DIVISION RESULTS (Combining Junior and Senior Divisions into one Open Division).

Brook Rakes and Andrew Schalin won their Bronze Round, and lost in the Gold round, winning Silver

Richard Cline and Kayla Cook won their Bronze Round and lost in the Gold round, also winning Silver

Casey Graves and Frank Daniel lost in their Bronze Round, winning Bronze.

Ben Carney and Christy Wright were “next out” meaning we advanced only 8 teams to the Bronze Round and they were in 9th place after the tie breaker was applied.




6th Speaker         Andrew Schalin

7th Speaker         Frank Daniel

8th Speaker         Kasey Graves

9th Speaker         Christy Wright

12th Speaker       Kayla Cook


We would like to thank Dr. Mark Mann and the Dr. Kerry Fulcher for their encouragement and financial support to host this event.  We were able to minimize costs and with the help of the Provost’s office  host the tournament without charging schools any participation fees, which enabled a good number of them to come that would normally not have been able to do so.  Thanks too to the many folks in our community (like camps and conferences, the move crew, catering, public safety, housecleaning, our department faculty and staff, the building area coordinators,  etc.), that put in extra work to allow us to host such events and share our facilities with the rest of the academic community.  Our apologies to any that were inconvenienced by this event, but you all would have enjoyed the smiles on the faces of our guest who normally do not get to enjoy such beautiful campus surroundings.  We are richly blessed, even when we get so busy we might sometimes forget.