The Point Loma Singers' Chamber Choir Festival Concert

Saturday, March 17, 2012, 7:30 pm
Crill Performance Hall - Cooper Music Center

The Point Loma Singers sing selections from their tour to San Fransisco.

Saturday, March 17th at 7:30 pm

Admission is free.

The Point Loma Singers help sponsor a village in Haiti through Plant-with-Purpose, a San-Diego based, Christian humanitarian organization which helps third-world communities through environmentally sustainable economic development.  Your financial contribution will support this service project and the PLS 2012 tour.




(selections from)



Sing Unto God             Paul Fetler



Exultate Justi    Ludovico Da Viadana



Bogoroditse Devo        Sergei Rachmaninoff


Rejoice, Virgin God-bearer.

Mary full of grace, the Lord be with you.

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb,

for you have borne the Savior of our souls.

(Luke 1:28, 42)


Hodie Joan Syzmko

  b. 1957

Today Christ is born: today the Saviour has appeared:

today on earth the the Angels sing, the Archangels rejoice:

today the righteous rejoice, saying:

Glory to God in the highest, alleluia.


O Magnum Mysterium David N. Childs

  b. 1969

O great mystery, And wondrous sacrament,

That animals should see the Lord born, Lying in a manger!

Blessed Virgin, whose womb was worthy To bear Lord Christ. Allelujah!

O Lord, I heard your instruction And fearfully considered your works

And I trembled in the midst of two animals.


Sanctus No. IV J.S. Bach, arr. David Stocker


Holy, Holy, Holy,

Lord, God of Hosts.

Heaven and earth are full of your glory.


Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal trad., arr. Alice Parker






Alélouya        Emile Desamours

           b. 1941

Alleluja! Today, Sunday, makes three days since they sacrificed Him on a cross.

We buried him in a tomb where they were going to forget Him for all time.

He is alive, Glory to God. Christ is alive, you hear? Christ is alive forever.

We ourselves also, thanks to him, we can live forever in his Father’s kingdom.

Alleluia, Jesus is resurrected.  Jesus died, they buried him, on the third day He rose.

It’s not a zombie without a soul, because He is alive for sure.

Come on, let’s go tell Father Peter, let’s go look for Matthew,

Let’s tell little Mark. Too bad Thomas won’t believe.

We all can quit crying, sing to celebrate life.

Yes! Jesus is alive for all time, Alleluia. Jesus paid for my sins on the cross.

He died, He rose. His grace is enough to save me. Amen, alleluia!


Lord of the Dance Sydney Carter/David Willcocks

  b. 1919


Sure on this Shining Night Morten Lauridsen



Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin Scottish trad.

  arr. Archibald T. Davidson



Lord, You Have My Heart Martin Smith

  arr. George Williamson


This Is My Word Pepper Choplin

  (b. 1957)


Elijah Rock trad., arr. Moses Hogan