Presentation by Extreme Nazarene to build in Peru

Monday, February 13, 2012, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Rec Room

Come see the ChurchMobile put on by Extreme Nazarene that will be displayed on Caf Lane this Friday and Monday the 13th. The ChurchMobile is a model church of what you can help build in Peru with Styrofoam blocks! You can also learn how you can serve this summer by attending a presentation in the Rec Room on Friday (10th) at 6pm or Monday (13th) at 7pm.

The Extreme Nazarene Churchmobile is a prototype built on a trailer bed and will be available for viewing on the Campus Mall during daylight hours on Friday and Monday.  We invite everyone to visit our exhibit and, as the Lord leads you, perhaps join with us in our mission.  Our Extreme Nazarene 40/40 missionaries have been active now for almost 3 years in Peru and, with much personal sacrifice, have established dozens of small community church bodies.  As the groups grow, Extreme Nazarene is sending volunteer teams to build styrofoam chapels to accomodate them.  It costs $35.00 per block to construct the buildings, or $22,500.00 each.  The stucco walled buildings, complete with electricity,  will seat a group of 200 people.